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A Guide To LED Light Fittings

Author: Sarah Wigmore
Published: May 30, 2014

LED light fittings have revolutionised today’s home illumination. LEDs (light emitting diodes) are the most advanced energy efficient light source available and are becoming increasingly popular as EU Legislation phases out inefficient incandescent bulbs. So what are LEDs and what are the benefits of LED Light Fittings to you and your home?

A Revolutionary Technology

Energy Efficient

LEDs are semiconductor devices that produce a visible light when an electrical current is passed through them. As they require little power they are extremely energy efficient and thanks to containing no mercury or toxins are kind to the planet too. Although the average purchase price of LED bulbs and LED fittings is higher than others, energy cost savings of up to 80% means payback can be achieved within 5 months.

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Low Heat Emissions

LED light fittings produce very little heat so are a smart choice for your picture lighting. The Manet LED Picture Light - Antique Brass will illuminate your favourite paintings and pictures to maximum effect with no risk of heat damage. As LEDs do not emit ultra violet rays your artwork will remain in pristine condition and will benefit from being lit by a less harsh light.

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LEDs are small and compact and can be grouped together in 1 LED bulb. Their size makes them very versatile and ideal for illuminating tricky areas where a seamless streamlined finish is required. Discreet under-cabinet lighting, for example, can be achieved by using a 5M LED Flexi Strip – Blue. Small, neat yet completely robust, the flexi strip can even be used for your exterior lighting.

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LED light fittings can work well in narrow spaces and can be used for reading lights where a simple fixture is needed overhead that will deliver a crisp directional light. The Dio Flex LED Reading Light – Warm White is a good example of this.

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Regardless of their size, LEDs are extremely robust and hardwearing and are resistant to shock and vibration. Their simple and strong structure adds to their versatility. They can be used in more unusual places as well as more challenging outdoor environments. Take the Metro LED Walkover Lights - Set of 10 – Blue which delivers a beautiful blue light whilst being sturdy enough to be walked upon.

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LEDs can last up to an impressive 50 times longer than their incandescent counterparts and come into their own in hard to access areas where constant bulb changes would be tricky. The use of an LED light fitting in brickwork such as the Mono LED Brick Light would stand the test of time and would require very little maintenance.

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Today’s LED light fittings combine form and function in equal measures. For a simply styled contemporary piece why not take a look at the Nexus 10 Pendant - Brushed Steel complete with a 3W LED GU10 bulb. For modern LED technology teamed with traditional styling check out the Callisto LED Garden Wall Light.

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If you want to keep your current light fittings but want to make instant energy savings then why not choose an LED retrofit replacement bulb such as the Crompton 3W LED Clear Classic Candle Bulb - Bayonet - Non-Dimmable which uses very little power to deliver the same total light output as a 25W incandescent bulb.

What’s not to love about LED lighting? Reduced energy bills, less impact on the environment, instant light up, a range of colours from Cool white to warm white and all in a style to suit your home decor. With no compromise on light quality, LED Light fittings and bulbs are the superior choice.

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