Living Room Lighting

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  1. Edit Piano Tripod Floor Lamp

  2. Lucide Lionel Ceiling Pendant Light - Black

  3. Astro Ascoli 4 Light Bar Spotlight Plate - Matt Black

  4. Lucide Possio Wall Light

  5. Edit Cottage 5 Arm Ceiling Pendant Light - Black & Natural Linen

  6. Astro Ascoli 5 Light Bar Spotlight Plate - Matt Black

  7. Dar Bombazine 7 Arm Ceiling Pendant Light - Natural Brass

  8. Edit Karatasi Ceiling Pendant Light - Bamboo

  9. Edit Springsteen Ceiling Pendant Light - Bronze

  10. Edit Mercury Ceiling Pendant Light - Black

  11. Edit Dukku Table Lamp - White & Wood

  12. Edit Neka Ceiling Pendant Light - Natural

  13. Edit Presley Ceiling Pendant Light - Black

  14. Edit Lennon Ceiling Pendant Light - White

  15. Edit Crystal Flush Ceiling Light - Brushed Nickel

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  16. Edit Jedali Table Lamp With Wood Detail - White

  17. Edit Orbat Ceiling Pendant Light - Black

  18. Edit Quartz Ceiling Pendant Light - Black

  19. Edit Presley Ceiling Pendant Light - White

  20. Edit Sardo Ceiling Geometric Pendant Light - Black

  21. Edit Bowie Ceiling Pendant Lamp Holder - Gold

  22. Edit Mercury Ceiling Pendant Light - White

  23. Edit Haikou Bamboo Ceiling Pendant Light - Natural

  24. Edit Trompa Velvet Ceiling Pendant Light - Mustard

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The right living room lighting is critical for a happy home as most households spend the majority of their time there. The living room is about kicking your shoes off and relaxing maybe with a film or a good book. It's also the room for spending time with the family.

When considering how you want the lighting you really need to think about what you like and what you find relaxing. This is your place to chill out and unwind in the evening so it needs to be just right for you and your family. The living room, however, is also a place for congregation when friends come over, so the lighting should show off the room perfectly.

What sort of Living room lighting do you want?

Mood lighting with character?

Finding that right type of lighting that creates the perfect atmosphere can take time. However the right floor lamp positioned correctly can completely change the feel of a living room. They can also add an elegance and romantic charm that is very inviting. You may also want to team it with a table lamp to create the perfect combination.

Choosing the right living room lighting takes time and consideration to get it just right. It is generally one of the most well used rooms in the house. A place for unwinding and chilling so the right lighting can make a big difference to the quality of your relaxation time.

We have tons of lighting options for your living room. We hope you have fun finding the right fittings.