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Shaver Lights

Shaver lights are one of the most undervalued fittings and are essential for achieving the perfect shave. It’s not just a light fitting for the boys, though, shaver fittings also double as makeup lighting for the girls. It's all about perfection when it comes to personal grooming. Click here for a closer look at bathroom lights.

Both women and men spend more and more time on their personal appearance these days. Shaving and plucking have become everyday activities. Therefore why not invest in a clear source of light to help you beautify your gorgeous self?

What type of shaver light do you want?

Splash proof?

The bathroom is after all a room where water gets all over the place. If this is true in your home then you need a splash proof shaving light. Fittings that carry an IP44 rating are protected against solid objects greater than 1mm and against splashing water.

A Long lasting light?

If you are looking for something with a long lasting bulb that will rarely need changing then you need a modern LED fitting. They are also very energy and cost efficient.

Don't want to spend too much?

In the current economic climate it's always a good idea to keep an eye on your money. Therefore if you are searching for a shaver light that is great value for money click here.

A modern look?

If your home has a sharp and cutting edge style then you need a shaving light that goes with it. To view our sleek and dynamic fittings click here.

The original shaver light?

Do you prefer a more retro look in your bathroom? Well if you prefer classic light fittings click here.

Shaver lights have a very prescribed practical use. However this does not mean they can't add grace and elegance to your bathroom decor. At Lighting Direct we try to cater for all styles and tastes. You are bound to find something that is just right for you.

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