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When you’re looking for a floor lamp with a bit more interest than a standard lamp – and perhaps stability, if you have children or pets in your home – then a tripod floor lamp is certain to be on your list to consider. Tripod floor lamps have been trending for a while now, and there are no signs of their popularity waning.


The popularity of the tripod floor lamp style is perhaps due to the fact that the shape lends itself to a wide range of shapes and styles, from minimalist shapes to those with spectacular statement lamp shades that multitask as décor as well as providing light in the room.


Whether you’re looking for a tripod floor lamp to contribute to ambient lighting levels in the room, to highlight an area, or as an alternative to task lighting, there are hundreds of options in our range. Tripod floor lamp legs are available in a range of metals and woods, with many different colours and finishes, meaning that you can find the right one – whether you’re looking to complement, or contrast with the furniture and décor in your home.


When you have decided on the base of your tripod floor lamp, next is choosing the style of lamp shade – and there are even more decisions to make here! There are tripod lamp shades in traditional shapes and fabrics that provide texture, but that isn’t where it ends. There are metal shades with grid effects, bright industrial metal dome shapes, shades made from natural textures such as bamboo, rattan, and even feathers.  


All of these lamp shade choices come in a range of colours too. There are plenty of neutral hues, right through to statement combinations like black and gold, and even playful colours and patterns that look great in children’s bedrooms.


Tripod floor lamps can be used in almost every room in the home, but of course, they do require a lot more room – so if you’re considering adding one to a space, be sure that it won’t present a trip hazard, or overpower the space. There are smaller models that can be suitable for smaller rooms and spaces though, and when you’re choosing a tripod floor lamp for a smaller room, look for smaller styles, sleeker lamp shades, and open shades. These styles will help to avoid the feeling of clutter, and there are many ultra-modern, designer styles that can look great in smaller rooms too.


As you’d expect from us, you’ll find an extensive range of tripod floor lamps with the modern technology you want in a new lamp. Efficient LED bulbs feature in many styles, and if you like to be able to change the colour and brightness of your lighting, look for remote controlled styles, and those that can connect to your Wi-Fi for control via an app.