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  1. Lucide Lionel Ceiling Pendant Light - Black

  2. Edit Orb Large Ceiling Pendant Light - Black & White

  3. Edit Crate 5 Light Semi-Flush Bar Ceiling Pendant – Black

  4. Edit Cottage 5 Arm Ceiling Pendant Light - Black & Natural Linen

  5. Lucide Maloto 30 Glass Ceiling Pendant Light - Amber

  6. Lucide Maloto 30 Glass Ceiling Pendant Light - Green

  7. Lucide Mesh Ceiling Pendant Light - Black

  8. Edit Factory Glass 3 Light Bar Ceiling Pendant - Antique Brass

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    Special Price £88.64 Regular Price £98.49
  9. Dar Academy 4 Arm Ceiling Pendant Light - Matt Black

    6% Off
    Special Price £145.00 Regular Price £155.00
  10. Edit Eye Ceiling Pendant Light - Black

  11. Edit Laser Ceiling Pendant Light - Black

  12. Lucide Mesh 28 Ceiling Pendant Light - Black

  13. Edit Lennon Ceiling Pendant Light - Black

  14. Edit Scope Glass Ceiling Pendant Light - Smoked

  15. Lucide Arthur 5 Light Bar Ceiling Pendant Light - Black

  16. Edit Karatasi Ceiling Pendant Light - Bamboo

  17. Lucide Maloto 20 Glass Ceiling Pendant Light - Amber

  18. Lucide Maloto 20 Glass Ceiling Pendant Light - Green

    10% Off
    Special Price £56.69 Regular Price £62.99
  19. Lucide Isla Ceiling Pendant Light - Cream

  20. Edit Echo Ceiling Pendant Light - Gold

  21. Edit Vivian Ceiling Pendant Light - Matt White

    30% Off
    Special Price £112.00 Regular Price £160.00
  22. Lucide Gipsy Cone Plaster Ceiling Pendant Light - White

  23. Edit Tassel Glass Ceiling Pendant Light - Gold

  24. Edit Kathu Rattan Ceiling Pendant Light - Natural

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Choosing a great pendant light for a space is a fun job, since there are so many different styles to choose from. You might be looking for a single pendant with a single bulb, maybe a cluster and cascade style, a rise and fall pendant, or a bar pendant or multi-arm light – each different style can create a completely different effect in each room in the home. And for each different interior décor style, you’ll find pendant lights to suit – you might choose a black, or pine coloured pendant light for a Scandinavian style room, a metallic bar pendant for traditional country cottage style, or a sleek halo style for an ultra-minimalist room.

But choosing the right style for the room isn’t the only option that you have for pendant lights. There is a huge choice of colours and materials, with acrylics, smoked glass, metals including silver, brass and copper, natural materials such as bamboo and wood. If you’re in need of visual texture, you’ll find materials to provide that – metallic mesh, rippled glass effects, bamboo, and even feathers feature on different styles of pendant lights, so you can find the right amount of rigidity, or softness for the space.

As with all types of lighting, LEDs are now being used more often in pendant lights because they are so much smaller, and because lighting designers can create shapes and styles that they wouldn’t have been able to with conventional bulbs. And of course, LED pendant lights provide other benefits too – smaller amounts of power are required for brighter lights, they are more often dimmable, and they won’t need replacing nearly as often as traditional bulbs.

There are styles of pendant light that can be used in absolutely every room in the home, and so you’re certain to find the right one for your home in our range.