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When it is time to make over your bathroom – whether you’re replacing the bathroom suite or not – you need to think beyond new paint and bath mats. Installing bathroom mirror lights, or bathroom wall lights can give your space a beautiful transformation without breaking the bank. Not only do these fixtures create effective lighting, but they also help you to create the perfect atmosphere. With the right combination of vanity lights and wall lights, you can enhance both the functionality and decor of your room. 

In some cases, changing bathroom lighting can be an easy DIY project, with no need to call in an electrician or remodelling contractor. In this piece, we'll explore how you can use different types of lamps to make your bathroom feel bigger, brighter and even more stylish than before. We’ll discuss which styles work best in small spaces versus larger bathrooms, as well as which features are worth considering when making your purchase. 

From a quick shower before the day ahead to bath time with the kids, the family bathroom is easily one of the busiest rooms in the home, but it doesn't have to be all hustle and bustle. You can turn bathroom time into a bonding experience for you and your children, a time for real leisure that helps each of you relax and destress in the comfort of your home. With the right bathroom lighting, you simply need to stock up on bubble bath, in order to make every bathroom visit feel like a luxury spa experience! Since your bathroom is likely to get more use than any other room in the house – with guests visiting it as well as your family – making it a comfortable space is really important.  

Why do you need mirror lights in the bathroom?

A really good bathroom mirror is an essential component of any bathroom and can benefit your family in countless ways. After all, bathroom mirrors are used all the time – for shaving, styling your hair, applying makeup, and treating blemishes. When the bathroom has poor lighting or fluorescent lighting, it can be difficult to get a clear reflection of yourself in the mirror, which may lead to embarrassing mistakes when applying makeup, or even lead to nicks and cuts when shaving, or tweezing eyebrows. 

Having bright, bathroom-specific mirror lights really allows you to get that direct clarity you need in order to clearly see what you are doing. This not only prevents any undesirable results from occurring, but allows everyone in the family to do their grooming and hygiene tasks with greater ease and confidence.

How can you see better in the bathroom mirror?

A well-lit mirror is essential for tasks like checking your skin, applying precise eyeliner strokes or shaving skin without any mishaps – so as we’ve already suggested, having great mirror lighting should be top priority for your bathroom. But lighting your mirror isn’t the only thing you might want to consider. 

For times when you need to see your reflection that bit clearer in the bathroom mirror – such as shaving or tweezing – the perfect solution is a magnifying mirror that has both mirror lights and a demister pad. The addition of a lit magnifying mirror in your bathroom allows you to focus on specific areas more closely, ensuring any task at hand can be accomplished without issue. The demister function is perfect if your bathroom is prone to being particularly steamy when you’re showering. The demister will help to keep the mirror fog-free and clear, so that you’ll always be able to see your reflection clearly, whether you’ve just stepped out the shower or not.  

What materials are mirror lights made from?

Bathroom mirrors are essential components of any family bathroom. Without them, bathroom tasks like getting ready for work or bathing the kids can be much more difficult and lengthier. As such, bathroom mirror lights must be made of tougher materials than other household lighting fixtures. Materials like metal, glass, wood, and plastic are all excellent choices as they resist moisture. This makes them easier to keep clean, and helps to keep mould and mildew from growing on the lamp fixture – both of which are important for keeping the mirror hygienic, and helping to prevent mould spreading to other areas of the room.

Where do you fit a mirror light in the bathroom?

Installing mirror lights in your bathroom isn’t just practical – it is also a perfect way to add a touch of luxury to your space. In most bathrooms, mirror lights fitted over the bathroom sink provide extra lighting to overhead lighting, resulting in your reflection being enhanced, and less glare. If you have the room for a two-sink setup, you’re likely to want mirror lights over both sinks, creating a symmetrical, yet highly functional look. 

If a mirror with inbuilt lights isn’t the right look for your décor style, you can go all out with Hollywood-style mirror lights. This type of wall light features a strip of evenly spaced bulbs that light above, or to the side of the mirror's edges, allowing you to see perfectly to apply makeup or do your hair – all with a glamorous feel. 

Whatever you ultimately choose, effectively placed mirror lights are an invaluable element for any bathroom; adding both beauty and functionality without fail.

How do you fit a mirror light in the bathroom?

Fitting mirror lights in the bathroom can often be a quick and easy job. For most mirror lights in our range, you'll find all the necessary fittings included in the box, making it really easy to fit them. However, depending on the mirror light you're fitting, you may need to purchase additional fixings, such as hooks, screws or nails. If your mirror light isn't properly secured with correct fixings, we don't suggest relying on temporary options like Command Strips - these can fail easily, resulting in broken glass and other accidental damage. Fitting mirror lights has never been easier, as long as you work safely, and use all recommended fixings before turning the light on. If you’re in any doubt at all, 

How can you keep a mirror light from steaming up?

Mirrors are great when you need to check your reflection in the morning, but what happens when the mirror steams up as soon as you step into a hot shower? The answer lies in getting a mirror light that has built in demisters. These mirror lights have a warming pad behind the glass, which helps to prevent steam from forming on the mirror and give you effective fogless mirroring. That means that even during the steamiest bath or shower, they won’t get misted up. They are the perfect bathroom solution for keeping the mirror light clear from condensation, so that you can always see yourself clearly.

Alternatives to mirror lights 

Even if mirror lights aren’t your thing – perhaps you prefer a more detailed décor scheme, even in the bathroom – you still need great mirror lighting for your morning routine. Luckily, there are some lovely alternatives! Wall lights are a great alternative to mirror lights and are an increasingly popular choice when it comes to making bathroom décor more interesting. Another alternative is our range of shaving lights, and there are plenty to choose from, including vintage styles that don’t look like they have modern, practical lighting built into them. 

Other alternatives for over your mirror include spotlights, downlights, and picture lights – all of which are perfect for brightening your bathroom, if you're looking for something less conventional. These lighting options can make your bathroom feel brighter, more open and often less crowded while still providing plenty of lighting that allows you to see everything clearly when you’re doing grooming tasks such as putting on makeup or shaving. Our range of spotlights, downlights, and picture lights has plenty of different styles and choices in terms of angle, brightness and colour temperature, so you can find the best bathroom lighting solution to suit your needs.

What is the easiest way to light up a bathroom mirror?

Looking for the easiest way to light up your bathroom mirror? Look no further – our range of mirror lights that feature wave motion sensors will make being able to switch on and off your mirror light a breeze! These mirror lights can be activated simply by waving your hand at it, without having to turn on the main bathroom light. This functionality means motion sensor mirror lights are the perfect choice for contact lens wearers who don't want to have to put their glasses on to switch the light on before putting lenses in, as well as people with lower dexterity in their hands. They’re even great for getting up in the middle of the night, so if you’re popping to the loo in the night, you can see with a gentler light.

Why use wall lights in the bathroom?

Wall lights are a brilliant option for bathrooms; they provide additional, flexible lighting without taking up too much physical space. Our range of bathroom wall lights come in loads of different shapes, sizes and decorative styles, allowing them to be easily incorporated into the bathroom appearance in order to give it more character. 

Where bathroom ceilings are lower, wall lights don’t limit the impression of space, and their flexibility allows them to be used in places where the existing lighting doesn't quite reach. Wall-mounted sconces or bracket lights are perfect for lighting up those darker corners, as well as being a decorative alternative to ceiling lighting. Wall lights are an incredibly versatile solution that should definitely be considered when planning your bathroom's lighting scheme.

Can you get decorative wall lights for the bathroom?

There's simply no better way to add a decorative flair to your bathroom than with wall lights. Decorative wall lights are the perfect way to tie together every space in your home, and our range has various colours, materials and styles to suit all types of bathrooms. Whether you're looking for something simple and minimalist, or something with a more intricate design, we have something for everyone! Choose from smoked glass candelabra styles, high shine chrome and crystal designs, or or antique brass wall lights – whether you’re placing them near the mirror, or you’re lighting up another area of your bathroom, they’ll make your space look even more stylishly beautiful. Our range of bathroom wall lights has plenty of inspiration for décor ideas that will help transform even the plainest bathroom into a space that makes long and lazy evening baths, and quick morning showers feel indulgent and special.

How do you fit wall lights in the bathroom?

As we’ve already mentioned, installing wall lights in a bathroom is a great way to provide functional and ambient lighting without taking up too much wall space. When shopping for mirror lights in the bathroom, it is important to take into consideration how they will be fitted. Depending on the style of mirror light, some are very simple to install and can be done without a qualified electrician. However, if you have a wall light that needs to be hard-wired into the wall of your bathroom, it would best to employ a qualified expert, as electricity and water simply do not mix. Even though it may cost you a little more money, it ultimately isn’t worth risking injury or damage to your beautiful new wall light or your home. A professional is likely to fit your mirror light properly in a much shorter amount of time than any amateur could – and with an electrician doing the job, you can rest assured that your wall light is safely installed and wired up correctly.

Do I need to buy waterproof wall lights for the bathroom?

Whatever type of bathroom lighting you decide to go for, waterproof lights are usually the best way to go. You might already know about the IP safety rating scale, especially if you’ve considered outdoor lighting. Since the nature of bathrooms means that water is everywhere – especially if you have children that are enthusiastic about bath time! – you are likely to be thinking about how to ensure bathroom electrics are safe. 

Our range of wall lights and mirror lights include waterproof styles, which typically have an IP safety rating of at least IP44 (some with up to IP68) are designed to guard against steam and moisture in the air as well as any splashes that could occur. By choosing waterproof fixtures, you can be sure that your lights will reach their intended lifetime without any premature damage caused by exposure to moisture or steam.

Can you get dimmable wall lights for the bathroom?

Atmosphere is everything when you’re getting ready for a long, leisurely soak in your tub before bedtime. Setting out candles (perhaps from our range of LED candles!) can set the mood, but if you’re not a fan of candles, they don’t provide quite enough brightness, or you just can’t be bothered with setting them out, then having the option to turn the light down lower is best. 

Of course, enjoying a slow, quiet bath isn’t the only reason you might prefer a dimmable wall light. People who suffer with migraines, or those with family members with sensory issues that mean bright lights put them off using a room, might also prefer having the option to turn down the brightness of bathroom lighting. 

Our range of wall lights for the bathroom includes dimmable styles that are perfect for all homes, whether they’re for those late-night baths to help you wind down before bed, or simply to make using the bathroom that bit better for all. 

What colours are bathroom mirror lights and bathroom wall lights?

Bathroom spaces often have a number of lighting options, including bathroom mirror lights and bathroom wall lights, both of which offer an important source of illumination for different tasks. When choosing the colours for these bathroom lighting solutions, many opt for classic metallic tones. Silver and chrome are popular choices, as their reflective properties can help to spread light more evenly in the bathroom environment, and they are in keeping with bathroom hardware.  

Other common bathroom lighting colours are gold or brass, which provide a luxurious aesthetic, while white and black lights are often favoured by those looking to create something more subtle to match with their bathroom suites and taps. Of course, classic neutrals like metallics, black and whites aren’t the only options available for bathroom lighting. In our extensive range of bathroom lighting, you can search for other colours too and we’re certain you’ll find something you truly love. After all, your bathroom should be a place of comfort and relaxation – as well as perfectly suiting your taste in interior design. 

What colour temperature is best for bathroom lighting?

When considering bathroom lighting, one of the most important things to consider is the colour temperature. Although there are many options available, experts suggest using bathroom wall lights in a warmer white between 2700K and 3000K for a flattering light. Most of us have been in a bathroom where the lighting is colder and harsher, and very few of us enjoy our reflection in that colour temperature – so choose a warmer toned lighting for general lighting. 

That said, for tasks that require more accuracy, such as shaving, plucking eyebrows, and applying makeup, cooler white bathroom mirror lights at around 4000K are often the best choice, as they show up flaws and details much more clearly. We might not want to see those flaws on our faces at a glance, but when we’re grooming, we definitely want to see them!

Whatever choice you make for your bathroom lighting, ensure that the bathroom mirrors are well-lit and that you have adequate brightness for all beauty related activities – and ultimately, for your bathroom to look great too. 

LED lights in bathrooms

LED lights provide an energy efficient solution for bathrooms, and with most having safety ratings up to IP44, they are also safe to use in these wet conditions. IP44 is a waterproof rating used for LED lights that means they come with extra levels of protection against water, ensuring your LED lighting operates safely in your home bathroom. Strict waterproofing standards ensure the LED light fittings will be resistant to steam and moisture from a shower or bathtub. With LED lights providing a modern and stylish look as well as a more energy efficient solution, there's no reason not to opt for LEDs when remodelling your bathroom.

Our final thoughts

Whether you’re thinking about mirror lights, or wall lights for your bathroom, there’s a lot to consider before your make your purchase. You might be looking for characterful industrial lights, opulent candelabras or sleek and modern sconces – or maybe something entirely different! We have the perfect bathroom lighting to suit in our extensive range. 

With our range of bathroom mirror lights, wall lights and alternative lighting, you can ensure that your bathroom is a tranquil place to relax and feel at ease, while being able to see everything you need to (and maybe some bits that you don’t want to!) perfectly. Plus, our easy ordering and Change your Mind Guarantee means that updating your bathroom lighting has never been so straightforward – even if you order a style that doesn’t end up suiting your style, we’ll replace it quickly and easily. So why wait? Browse our range today and create an extraordinary bathroom getaway with our stylish yet affordable products.