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EasyFit Connectable Garden LightingEasyFit Connectable Garden Lighting


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Plug & Play Connectable Garden LightingPlug & Play Connectable Garden Lighting

Plug & Play

When you have access to mains power in your garden in the way of an outdoor plug socket, then adding garden lights is incredibly simple – because you can simply plug in the lights. Our range of low voltage garden lights are incredibly easy to install, since you put them where they highlight your garden to perfection, then plug them in.

EasyFit 12v garden lights are exactly as they sound – easy to fit! After you have chosen the right number of lights for your garden, it is a three step process to complete the set up. You simply place them where you want them, then connect the lights and the transformer, and plug them in. If you find they are in the wrong place, you’ll be able to move them quickly and easily, and if you need to add extra elements, then you can do so. And because the voltage is so low, you won’t need to worry about burying wiring – it can simply be hidden amongst your flowers. Within the EasyFit 12v garden light range, you’ll find stake lights, spotlights, post lights and festoons, allowing you to create the exact look that you want in your garden, without the hassle.

The Garden24 range from Markslojd is as simple to install as the EasyFit range, but is also suited to larger areas due to being a 24v system, it is a bit more powerful. Choose from stake lights, spot lights, bollards, deck lights, and wall lights – they all simply plug into the transformer and switch on at your outdoor socket.

The Plug & Play garden range isjust as simple to install, with kits and individual items for purchase. With so many easy to install options, why wait? If you have outdoor power available, light up your garden with our range of low voltage garden lights today.