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  1. Granso Grand Glass Chandelier - Matt Black

  2. Edit Scope 3 Light Glass Cascade Ceiling Pendant - Neutrals

  3. Sky 5 Light Cascade Ceiling Pendant - Black

  4. Edit Cable 3 Light Bar Ceiling Pendant - Black

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  5. Edit Boule 7 Light Cascade Ceiling Pendant - Smoked Glass

  6. Edit Laser 7 Light Cluster Ceiling Pendant - Black

  7. Soleil Ceiling Pendant Light - Gold

  8. Edit Classic 5 Light Chandelier - White

  9. Lucide Ovalis Up & Down Wall Light - Black

  10. Edit Jess LED Up & Down Wall Light - White

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  11. Edit Stencil Up & Down Plaster Wall Light - White

  12. Sky 3 Light Ceiling Pendant - Black

  13. Edit Cube Up & Down Wall Light - Graphite

  14. Dar Escala Chandelier - Crystal

  15. Sky 3 Light Ceiling Pendant - Polished Brass

  16. Dar Axton Wall Light - Large

  17. Astro Bologna 240 Up & Down Wall Light

  18. Astro Tango LED Recessed Wall Light - Brushed Stainless Steel

  19. Bright LED Up & Down Wall Light - White

  20. Lucide Gipsy Round Up & Down Wall Light - White

  21. Dar Epstein Flush Wall Light - Gold Leaf

  22. Lucide Axi Curve Bathroom LED Up & Down Wall Light - White

  23. Edit Crystal Large Chandelier - Silver

  24. Edit Stream 8 Light Bar Ceiling Pendant Light - Black & Gold

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Adding a series of lights up a flight of stairs - or even a few around a couple of steps - can add a lovely sense of ambiance and a backdrop of warm lighting. Depending on the style of the light, they can blend nicely into the background or become a feature in themselves whilst really adding a great contemporary touch to your home. Stair lights also play a huge practical role in making staircases safer, especially at night, and may even help you avoid any serious mishaps.

As anyone who’s ever had a baby can attest, anything that makes life easy in those first few months is hugely welcome. So, if you find yourself often waking at night, and need to go up and down the stairs, but don’t want to disturb the whole house by switching on the main lights, then a set of stair lights could be a real game changer. There’s no denying that recessed lights look stunning, but you needn’t make a huge investment to add some extra lighting to your landing or stairs. Plug-in LED night lights are great value and super easy to slot into your existing sockets - and can be activated by movement alone.

Stair lights are an excellent way of creating ambiance and adding a subtle light source to any home. When choosing low level lighting it’s important to make sure that they’re durable and tough, and able to withstand any damage from being trampled on or accidentally knocked. Also, LED lights make a great choice, as they are super energy efficient and mostly tend to have a considerably long life span, which means you won’t have to worry about replacing bulbs very often.