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Bulbs & Accessories

Light bulbs are one of life’s little necessities, where would we be without the humble bulb? They come in all shapes and sizes for both functional and decorative purposes. Every home has to spend money on bulbs. However these days there are lots of ways to save with new technologies, click here for a look at the different types.

The light bulb world has been changing over recent years with new laws to ban the production of less energy efficient bulbs in order to conserve energy. Also new innovations now offer you the consumer a much greater choice of how you light your home.

What type of bulb are you looking for?


The classic style GLS (General Lighting Service) has many applications. Production has been reduced for some of the higher wattages such as 100W. However, GLS bulbs are still a big part of the lighting world. Click here for our selection.


This type of bulb offers a much more decorative effect. They tend to work well in chandeliers and traditionally styled wall fittings. Click here for our selection of Candle Bulbs.

Golf or Globe?

These two are the little and large of the light bulb world. Golf bulbs are smaller and suitable for use where a GLS would be too large. The Globe on the other hand is larger than the GLS and offers a more decorative effect. Click here for Golfball and Globe Bulbs.


This type of lighting has obviously become very popular in the home over the last twenty years or so. The strong directional beams offer a great source of clear sharp practical light that is also perfectly suited to downlighting. Click here for our Spotlight Bulbs.

Fluorescent Tubes?

We have lots of tubes to choose from. They offer crisp practical lighting perfect for kitchens, garages and commercial environments. To check out our selection of Fluorescent Tubes click here.


These bulbs reflect light to direct it over a wide area and are commonly used in floodlighting. If you are searching for a Reflector Bulb click here.


Do you need a very powerful bulb that will fit into a very small space? Well if so a Capsule Bulb may be the perfect option.

Sticks or Spirals?

These fittings were created as energy saving alternatives to the standard bulb, and are extremely cost effective. Click here for our Sticks and Spirals.

Linear Lighting?

We have two main types of linear bulb the first is Strips often used in shaving lights. The other is Double Ended Linear commonly used in floodlighting. Click here for our section of Linear Bulbs.

Pygmys and Application Bulbs?

These are very small bulbs for very small places, such as cookers, fridges, picture lights and other special applications. Click here for our Pygmy Bulbs.

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