Kitchen Lighting

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  1. Evolve 5W Warm White Dimmable LED Fire Rated IP65 Fixed Downlight - Satin Nickel

  2. Evolve 5W Warm White Dimmable LED Fire Rated Fixed Downlight - Satin Nickel

  3. Edit Cable 3 Light Cascade Ceiling Pendant - Black

  4. Edit Hammered Ceiling Pendant Light - Copper

  5. Edit Factory Glass 3 Light Bar Ceiling Pendant - Antique Brass

  6. Edit Factory Glass Ceiling Pendant Light - Antique Brass

  7. Edit Fisherman Ceiling Pendant Light - Satin Nickel

  8. Edit Tavern Glass Ceiling Pendant Light - Chrome

  9. Edit Saloon 3 Light Bar Ceiling Pendant - Copper

  10. Edit Saloon 2 Light Bar Ceiling Pendant - Antique Chrome

  11. Sky 3 Light Bar Ceiling Pendant - Brass

  12. Edit Hollow 3 Light Glass Bar Ceiling Pendant - Smoked

  13. Multi Shelf Wall Light with Plug & USB Charging Port - Gold

  14. Robus Commodore Cool White LED Cabinet Light - Brushed Chrome

  15. Robus Commodore Warm White LED Cabinet Light - White

  16. Robus Royal Warm White LED Cabinet Light - Brushed Chrome

  17. Edit Bench Wall Light - Black & Rose Gold

  18. Edit Craft Wall Light - Black

  19. Edit Project Wall Light - Bronze

  20. Lucide Mizuko Wall Light - Black

  21. Lucide Honore Adjustable Wall Light - Rust Brown

  22. Lucide Honore Long Arm Adjustable Wall Light - Rust Brown

  23. Industville Brooklyn Vintage Swan Neck Wall Light - Dark Pewter

  24. Grimstad Adjustable Wall Light with Plug - Antique Silver

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Kitchen lighting needs to be practical as well as stylish. It should also enhance a clean well-kept appearance. It is, however, the heart of any home and the lighting needs to be amiable and inviting. Click here for an in-depth guide to kitchen lighting. The kitchen requires the most consideration in terms of practicalities as so many of the household tasks are carried out here. By the same token issues of safety need to be considered in a room where you handle sharp knives and cook food.

Kitchen islands also need the perfect lighting to make them into inviting central hubs. Click here for a quick guide.

What sort of lighting are you searching for?

Need some general ideas?

It can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to choosing the right lighting for your kitchen. To get the ball rolling and your creativity flowing, why not have a look at our inspirational kitchen lighting ideas?

Good for cooking under?

Are you looking for a strong, safe and practical source of lighting? Our range of track lights offer powerful beams that can be angled to suit your culinary needs. Alternatively you may also want to have a look through the wire lights section, which offer the same flexibility.

Something stylish?

Are you after illumination that is both practical and perfect for family meals? If this is the case you may want to start with a look at some of the best ways to use kitchen pendant lights. They are a really great way to give your kitchen a homely feel.

Ten of the best

If you are not too sure about what kind of fitting you are looking for then why not have a look at our top ten kitchen lights. These are just a few of the most popular and fashionable fittings.

Lighting for your dream kitchen

If you are trying to create your ideal kitchen then you need to really think about your individual specifications. If you need a little help getting the ideas going then check out Lights for Your Dream Kitchen.

What sort of style are you searching for?

Something contemporary?

Modern kitchen lighting needs to have a piercing and crisp look. If you are only interested in kitchen fittings that are bang up to date then you need to click here for the contemporary choices.

The rustic look?

A traditionally styled kitchen can be a wonderfully enchanting please to eat and prepare food. If you prefer your kitchen to have an element of old rustic charm to it why not browse through our collection of traditional fittings.

The right choice of kitchen lighting can make so much difference to the room's overall charm and likability. However please be aware of the safety issues to consider when lighting a kitchen. However at Lighting Direct it is easy to find kitchen lighting that is both stylish and practical. For more information about lighting a kitchen/diner click here.