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Outdoor Lights

Outdoor lights or garden lights may be installed for a variety of reasons from functional necessities to stylish exterior lighting design. You may need to install security lighting to protect your home from intruders. However, in contrast you may want to highlight the beautiful areas of your garden that you’ve worked so hard on.

Either way it is important to prepare and plan before you make your choice. Please give consideration to the size, style and type of area you want to illuminate.

What type of outdoor lighting are you looking for?

For security?

You may simply be looking for an outdoor lighting solution to keep you and your family safe. If so then check out our range of Security Lights alternatively have a look at some of our Floodlights.

For dining outside?

Are you a lover of long garden meals with friends, or maybe just with one special person? Then you need the right lighting to set the scene. If you want something that produces lighting in an even spread have a look at our Outdoor Wall Lights. However if you are looking for something more interesting and romantic have a look at our Feature Lights.

For showing off the garden?

Have you put lots of time and effort into your beautiful garden? If so you need to show it off to its full potential. Stake Lighting is the perfect way to bring life to your flower beds after dark. However, if you want to highlight specific features then why not have a look at our range of Garden Spotlights.

For the entrance to your home?

If you need something to make your house look more inviting or add extra safety when crossing the threshold then have a look at our range of Porch Lights.

For garden safety?

Do you have a poorly lit pathway or steps? This can be a problem if you have children running around. Therefore you may want to consider installing safety lighting. Why not have a look at our range of Brick and Tile Lights, or alternatively our Posts and Bollards are also a great way to make a garden safer.

For the garage?

There are many different types of lighting that are appropriate for installation in or around the garage. It's not uncommon for a garage to be used as a workshop or extra living space, so it's important to choose lighting that suits its purpose. We can help you to find the perfect garage lighting solution.

For the driveway?

It goes without saying that robust high quality lighting on your driveway will be an added safety feature. However they can also add so much in terms of contemporary style as well. Why not let us guide you through your driveway lighting options?

For getting creative?

Looking to bring out the individuality and beauty of your garden? Then why not take a look at our range of Garden Spotlights. You can use them to highlight your favourite features and areas of your garden. You can also change the angles whenever inspiration takes you.

For adding atmosphere?

Maybe you’re looking to create a real stylised look if so why not consider installing Deck and Ground Lighting. Some of these lights are also suitable for underwater use, therefore perfect for creating or adding to a garden feature.

For a party?

We have an excellent range of fun and vibrant lighting. Please take a look at our Fairy Lights. We also have a spectacular collection of Festoons.

For a party this weekend!

If you need garden lighting in a hurry and don’t want to wait for someone to come around and install it you may want to consider something from our 12 volt connectable garden lighting range.

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