Fluorescent Tubes

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  1. 58W White T8 Fluorescent Tube - 5ft

  2. Eterna 10W Fluorescent T4 Tube - 341mm

  3. 18W White T8 Fluorescent Tube - 2ft

  4. 6W White T5 225mm Miniature Fluorescent Tube

  5. Eterna 16W Fluorescent T4 Tube - 468mm

  6. 13W White Miniature T5 525mm Fluorescent Tube - G5 Cap

  7. T9 Circular Tube - 40W

  8. 14W Warm White T5 549mm Longlast High Efficiency Fluorescent Tube - G5 Cap

  9. Eterna 6W Fluorescent T4 Tube - 220mm

  10. Eterna 20W Fluorescent T4 Tube - 567mm

  11. 8W White T5 300mm Miniature Fluorescent Tube - G5 Cap

  12. T9 Circular Tube - 60W

  13. Philips 70W White Master TL-D Super 80 T8 Fluorescent Tube - 6ft

  14. 14W Daylight T5 549mm Longlast High Efficiency Fluorescent Tube - G5 Cap

  15. B.G. 4W - 80W Starter - Standard

  16. 35W Warm White T5 1449mm Longlast High Efficiency Fluorescent Tube - G5 Cap

  17. Philips T5 Circular Tube - 40W

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  18. Crompton 24W Warm White LED T8 Full Glass Tube - 5ft

  19. Crompton 24W Daylight LED T8 Full Glass Tube - 5ft

  20. Crompton 22W Cool White LED T8 Full Glass Tube - 4ft

  21. Crompton 24W Cool White LED T8 Full Glass Tube - 5ft

  22. Crompton 32W Cool White LED T8 Full Glass Tube - 6ft

  23. Crompton 14W Cool White LED T8 Full Glass Tube - 3ft

  24. Crompton 9W Cool White LED T8 Full Glass Tube - 2ft

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When we talk about fluorescent tubes you may think of a sharp bright light flickering slightly in an old fashioned kitchen. However this type of lighting technology has come a long way in recent years. They have always been a good choice when it comes to being cost effective and energy efficient. However now there is a lot more choice in terms of colour temperature and size meaning they are appropriate for a wider range of applications all around the home.

Things to consider when buying fluorescent tubes:

Cap size

To avoid frustration it is essential that you order the correct cap size for your light fitting. At Lighting Direct we offer a huge variety of tube sizes, so you are bound to find the one you need.

When a tube is described as a T5, T8 or T12 the 'T' simply stands for tube while the number refers to the diameter of the tube in 8's of inches. Therefore the diameter of a T8 tube is 1 inch, 8/8 = 1 inch.

Colour Temperature?

As mentioned before fluorescent tubes now come in a much wider range of colour temperatures. This makes them more suitable to areas that require softer illumination such as under cabinet kitchen lighting.

2700 -3000K warm white (A comforting and relaxing light)

3001 -3500K white (still quite a relaxing tone but a little bit sharper)

3501 -4000K cool white (This is moving to a more practical type of task lighting, possibly for the kitchen)

4001 -6000K Daylight (obviously a very sharp clear light suitable for a working environment)

Fluorescent tubes have many practical applications for both the home and the workplace. At Lighting Direct we have a huge range of robust high quality tubes for you to choose from. Take your time and browse through our extensive range.