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Fluorescent Tubes

When we talk about fluorescent tubes you may think of a sharp bright light flickering slightly in an old fashioned kitchen. However this type of lighting technology has come a long way in recent years. They have always been a good choice when it comes to being cost effective and energy efficient. However now there is a lot more choice in terms of colour temperature and size meaning they are appropriate for a wider range of applications all around the home.

Things to consider when buying fluorescent tubes:

Cap size?

To avoid frustration it is essential that you order the correct cap size for your light fitting. At Lighting Direct we offer a huge variety of tube sizes, so you are bound to find the one you need.

When a tube is described as a T5, T8 or T12 the ‘T’ simply stands for tube while the number refers to the diameter of the tube in 8’s of inches. Therefore the diameter of a T8 tube is 1 inch, 8/8 = 1 inch.

Colour Temperature?

As mentioned before fluorescent tubes now come in a much wider range of colour temperatures. This makes them more suitable to areas that require softer illumination such as under cabinet kitchen lighting.

  • 2700 – 3000K warm white (A comforting and relaxing light)
  • 3001 – 3500K white (still quite a relaxing tone but a little bit sharper)
  • 3501 – 4000K cool white (This is moving to a more practical type of task lighting, possibly for the kitchen)
  • 4001 – 6000K Daylight (obviously a very sharp clear light suitable for a working environment)

Something affordable?

You can rest assured that even our fluorescent tubes at the affordable end of our price range are of the highest quality. Click here for our economic tubes.

Fluorescent tubes have many practical applications for both the home and the workplace. At Lighting Direct we have a huge range of robust high quality tubes for you to choose from. Take your time and browse through our extensive range.

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