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  1. Bankers Desk Lamp

  2. Lucide Leanne Table Lamp - Black

  3. Lucide Knulle Table Lamp - Black

  4. Lucide Knulle Table Lamp - White

  5. Lucide Knulle Table Lamp - Grey

  6. Edit Link Table Lamp - Black

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    Special Price £31.99 Regular Price £39.99
  7. Lucide Hester Desk Lamp - Anthracite

  8. Lucide Bastin Desk Lamp - Blue

  9. Edit Vaio Table Lamp

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    Special Price £16.00 Regular Price £39.00
  10. Stora Magnifying Desk Lamp

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    Special Price £20.64 Regular Price £29.49
    Out of stock
  11. Larry Table Lamp - White

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    Special Price £33.10 Regular Price £79.99
  12. Edison Table Lamp with LED Reading Light - Chrome

  13. Lucide Lesley Desk Lamp - Black

  14. Lucide Pepijn Touch Desk Lamp - Black & Gold

  15. Savoy Table Lamp with USB Charging Port - Chrome

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    Special Price £72.60 Regular Price £121.00
  16. Edit Soho Table Light - Black & Gold

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    Special Price £30.09 Regular Price £42.99
  17. House Desk Lamp - White

  18. Swan LED Touch Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port - Black

  19. Lucide Serenoa Large Porcelain Table Lamp - White

  20. Searchlight Flex Clip On Desk Lamp - White

  21. Cal Desk Lamp - Black

  22. Lucide Brandon Desk Lamp - Black

  23. Endon Carlo Desk Lamp - Brushed Chrome

    Out of stock
  24. Endon Franklin Desk Lamp - Taupe & Antique Brass

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Desk lamps are a strong practical source of light that can help you to work or study late into the night. This type of lighting is also great for concentration and will help you to avoid eye strain when reading. They are also an invaluable tools if you are doing fiddly detailed work by hand.

However this hard working lamp is not just a practical tool it is also a great way to add an extra element of style to your work space. They don't have to be confined to the office either. This type of light will work well all over the home. If you position them strategically you can use them for both practical purposes and as dynamic accent lighting. Click here for a look at home office lighting.

What type are you after?

For work?

Are you simply looking for a good strong secondary source of light for your office or work space? If so it may be best for you to start with our range of office desk lights.

Easy touch control?

The latest gadgets and technology are not just useful but also very cool as well. If you love all things futuristic we've got a great range of touch control lamps for you.

Desk lamps are so useful to have in the office or at home. They can help you to do all manner of practical tasks, and add extra style wherever they are placed. At Lighting Direct we think this humble lamp is a marvellous piece of lighting. It's fair to say the world would be a darker place without them, if you'll pardon the pun.

At Lighting direct we try to stock all the latest and greatest lamps from around the world. You are certain to find something amazing for your home.