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  1. Edit Scuba Submersible LED Ground Light

  2. Lucide Biltin Round Outdoor Deck Light - Black

  3. Faro Barcelona Kane Double LED Domed Ground Light

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    Special Price £36.54 Regular Price £42.99
  4. Cecilia LED Deck Light - Black

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    Special Price £54.39 Regular Price £63.99
  5. Coastal Grow Adjustable Ground Light - Stainless Steel

  6. Suri Ground Solar LED Stake Light - Set of 4

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    Special Price £7.19 Regular Price £8.99
  7. Faro Barcelona Kane Single LED Domed Ground Light

  8. Edit Mark LED Ground Light - Black

  9. Forum Pan Ground Light

  10. Sub LED Underwater Ground Light - Stainless Steel

  11. Searchlight Messina Square LED Ground Light

  12. Edit Puddle LED Ground Light

  13. Edit Picco LED Ground Light - Silver

  14. Lucide Biltin Square Outdoor Deck Light - Black

  15. Round Solar LED Deck Light - Stainless Steel

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    Special Price £8.79 Regular Price £10.99
  16. Level Round Coastal Ground Light - Stainless Steel

  17. Edit Monday LED Outdoor Ground Light

  18. Rise LED Ground Light - Aluminium

  19. Dawn LED Ground Light - Aluminium

  20. Honeycomb LED Ground Light - Black

  21. Edit Bullseye LED Ground Light - Black

  22. Ray Adjustable Ground Light

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    Special Price £66.29 Regular Price £77.99
  23. Edit Picco Large LED Ground Light - Silver

  24. Tile LED Ground Light

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Deck and ground lights are a modern and attractive way to give your garden a 21st century look. They are a cool way to add value and style to outside decking areas. This type of lighting solution is a very effective extra safety feature for illuminating garden paths. If you are looking for driveway lighting it is important to note that NOT all ground lights can withstand being driven over. For more information about lights that are strong enough to be driven over click here.

You can also get artistic with them by adding them strategically under trees and other areas of interest in your garden. All deck and ground lights are suitable for walking on. However some are more versatile than others, the question is:

How versatile do you need your deck or ground lights to be?


If you are simply looking for lights to install into your decking then you may want to start by having a look at something in our IP44 rated section. This rating means these lights are protected against solid objects greater than 1mm, splashing water and rain. However they are not protected against dust. This type of lighting may not be suitable for dusty garden paths. Click here for more information about deck lighting.

Very versatile?

Are you searching for a light that is durable enough to be installed in any part of your garden? If so then lights that are rated at IP65 are not only totally protected against dust but also against water jets from any direction. To have a browse through our range click here.

Very very versatile?

Some of our deck and ground lights are suitable for submersion in water up to 1 meter in depth. This will be perfect for installation in ponds and water features. Lights that carry an IP67 rating are totally protected against dust and against the effects of immersion between 15cm and 1m.

Incredibly versatile?

Many of our deck and ground lights come with an IP68 rating which means they are totally protected against dust and long periods of immersion under pressure. Therefore they are also suitable to be installed in a swimming pool.

As you can see our range of deck and ground lights have different levels of durability. It is very important to consider where your lights are going to be installed, and what they need to be able to withstand. For more information check out our top tips for choosing deck and ground lights. At lighting Direct we have many types of lighting solutions; you are sure to find something that meets your needs.