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Good lighting always improves a get-together, and we sell a wide range of party lights to add sparkle to any event. Many can be used indoors or out, so you can light up your garden and continue the cheery mood inside the home.

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There are relatively few of us that don’t love a great party, and while those impromptu parties can be the best, when you’re planning a party for a birthday, Christmas, anniversary, or just for the sake of having a party, you want to be able to set the atmosphere. In most cases, that means decorations – and indoor party lights are one of the easiest ways to set the celebratory tone for the event. Strings of fairy lights in a range of colours, and those with decorative surrounds are a simple way to set the mood, as are candle lights, and festive Christmas themed lights.

Celebrations don’t just take place indoors, of course. When you’re partying during the summer months, there is a good chance that you’re outside with a barbecue and drinks, and that the celebrations are going to continue late into the night. Outdoor parties need a little extra thought – you need to be certain that everyone can see well enough to prevent trips and falls, as well as being able to see one another! Our range of outdoor party lighting include outdoor table lights, string lights such as fairy lights and festoons, as well as lights that can be used around the garden – planters, net lights and micro fairy lights are all perfect to adorn bushes and trees.

Outdoor party lights are available in battery powered styles – both with regular batteries, and with USB rechargeable batteries built in – as well as mains power. Where these aren’t suitable, such as where the party is to take place at the bottom of the garden, solar party lights are the perfect way to be able to light up the party space.

When your party is the biggest one of your life – your wedding – then you’ll be looking for the finest additions to your celebrations. You might be looking for strings of fairy lights and net lights to create a magical effect around your venue – either indoors, or outdoors – while LED candle lights can provide the beautiful flickering effect that you want, without the risk of them being knocked over.