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  1. Edit Bulk Outdoor Wall Light - Chrome

  2. Edit Tavern Glass Ceiling Pendant Light - Chrome

  3. Edit Coastal Bow Outdoor Flush Wall Light - Brass

  4. Edit Coastal Beacon Outdoor Flush Wall Light - Pewter

  5. Edit Coastal Mate Outdoor Flush Wall Light - Brass

  6. Edit Coastal Board Outdoor Flush Wall Light - Brass

  7. Edit Coastal Port Outdoor Flush Wall Light - Matt Nickel

  8. Edit Coastal Hook Outdoor Wall Light - Brass

  9. Edit Manufacture Wall Light - Black and Copper

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  10. Disc Semi-Flush Light - Brass

  11. Lucide Thor Flush Wall Light

  12. Edit Coastal Bell Outdoor Semi-Flush Ceiling Light - Brass

  13. Edit Retro 4 Arm Semi-Flush Ceiling Light - Brass

  14. Lucide Mesh Semi-Flush Ceiling Light - Black

  15. Edit Crate Semi-Flush Ceiling Light - Black

  16. Lucide Arthur Ceiling Pendant Light - Black

  17. Lucide Ride LED Single Spotlight - Black & Copper

  18. Lucide Ride LED 4 Light Bar Spotlight Plate - Black & Copper

  19. Astro Taro Fire Rated Adjustable Downlight - Matt White

  20. Carrie Reading Light with Plug - Black

  21. Lucide Mizuko Wall Light - Black

  22. Elstead Mayflower Wall Light - Old Bronze

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  23. Lucide Tycho Wall Light - Black

  24. Lucide Ottelien Wall Light - Black & Brass

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Selecting the lighting for your utility room and kitchens can be a tricky task. You want the brightness to help with even the most intricate tasks, whether this be food prep, working at the kitchen island or doing the ironing. But you also want the flexibility to turn down the lights to create ambiance if you’re hanging out with friends or relaxing once the kids have gone to bed.

Under cabinet lighting is a smart of way of adding task lighting to utility rooms and kitchen counters. If your mantra is “the brighter the better” then mini fluorescent or LED tubes are your best bet but if you want a subtler effect LED strip lights could be the way to go. They’re relatively cheap and easy to install, plus adding them above your kitchen cabinets can create the feeling of a much bigger space.

Just because a utility room is functional, it doesn’t mean the lighting should be as well. Adding a couple of stylish retro wall lights or a striking pendant could easily help liven up an otherwise boring space and add an interesting feature. Three or more spotlights mounted on a plate are another fab way to introduce bright, focussed task lighting to an area without sacrificing anything in the appearance stakes. You can control the direction of the light to focus on sinks, cookers or kitchen islands, anywhere you need a little extra light to get the task in hand, completed.