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  1. Edit Piano Floor Lamp

  2. Edit Ascend Plaster Uplighter Floor Lamp - White

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    Special Price £39.19 Regular Price £48.99
  3. Astro Marasino White Plaster Floor Uplighter

  4. Astro Limina Uplighter Lamp

  5. Lucide Leanne Floor Lamp - Black

  6. Edit Rise Plaster Uplighter Floor Lamp - White

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    Special Price £37.59 Regular Price £46.99
  7. Lucide Ruben 3 Light Floor Lamp - Black & Gold

  8. Dar Montana Floor Lamp - Antique Brass

  9. Lucide Arthur Floor Lamp

  10. Dar Montana Floor Lamp - Satin Chrome

  11. Searchlight Platt LED Floor Lamp

  12. Lucide Julius Glass Floor Lamp - Smoked

  13. Lucide Siemon Floor Lamp - Ochre Yellow

  14. Lucide Siemon Floor Lamp - Green

  15. Blanca Floor Lamp - Bronze

  16. Edgar 2 Light Floor Lamp - Antique Brass

  17. Edit Kennedy Floor Lamp with Table - Black & White

  18. Edit Holborn Floor Lamp - Matt Brass

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  19. Lucide Lattice Floor Lamp - Black

  20. Edit Tripod Floor Lamp - Black

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    Special Price £63.99 Regular Price £79.99
  21. Edit Tripod Floor Lamp - Satin Nickel

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    Special Price £63.99 Regular Price £79.99
  22. Lucide Mizuko Floor Lamp - Black

  23. Lucide Philine Floor Lamp - Black & Gold

  24. Lucide Tycho Floor Lamp - Satin Brass

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Floor lamps are an expression of interior design charm and sophistication. Some of them can offer an intensely traditional feel to a home, while others are sharp and cutting edge. It goes without saying that choosing the right one for your decor is essential. A well-chosen floor lamp should become a signature feature of a beautiful interior decor. They can work well in combination with other features of a room, for example if you have a living room with a stunning ornate fireplace the right traditional standing lamp will work so well with it. Click here for an interesting look into floor lamps.

What Style of floor lamp are you after?

Maybe contemporary is your thing?

A modern style needs to be sharp, striking and stylish. If you prefer your home to look cutting edge then you need to have a look at our contemporary lamps.

Something in black maybe

An attractive black floor lamp is a versatile accessory that will work well with many styles of decor. Black can be teamed with other colours in so many different ways to add definition and distinction.

What about price range?

Cost effective?

At Lighting Direct some of our floor lamps are more expensive than others, but all of them are of outstanding style and quality. Therefore if you are looking for a lamp that won't break the bank we have what you need. Click here for some affordable options.

Want to splash out?

If you are looking to invest in your home lighting and prefer to shop for premium products then click here for our top end range of lamps.

Floor lamps are a beautiful and timeless way to add character and distinction to your home. They can make almost any decor dynamically more interesting and vivid. This humble lamp is one of the homes oldest lighting features. However it has evolved over the years and its style has been adapted to many different environments. At Lighting Direct we try to offer a huge range of these elegant lamps.