Garage Lighting

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  1. Tough Eco 40W Cool White LED Weatherproof Batten - 5ft Single

  2. Eco 60W Cool White LED Twin Batten - 6ft Twin

  3. Eco 18W Cool White LED Batten - 4ft Single

  4. Eco 36W Cool White LED Batten - 5ft Single

  5. Eco 45W Cool White LED Batten - 6ft Single

  6. Eco 32W Cool White LED Batten - 4ft Twin

  7. Eco 48W Cool White LED Batten - 5ft Twin

  8. 200W Dimmable Warm White LED Floodlight 27000lm PRO - Black

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The garage can be a very useful space when utilised properly, but it needs the right lighting to ensure you can use to its full potential.

We have a range of weatherproof battens that are perfect for generating cool white light in your garage. With their low wattage, these lights are eco-friendly and are cheap to run, so they’re a worthy investment.

Whether you use your garage as a storage room, a place to work on your car, a workshop for your side-hustle, or even a gym or fitness studio – having bright, clean lights so you can properly see what you’re doing will make all the difference.