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Tile & Brick Lights

Tile & brick lights are such an impressive way to give a modern, distinguished look to a contemporary home. If positioned correctly they are also a magnificent way to highlight a well-cared for garden. There is no question that either brick or tile lights will add a level of distinction to a domestic property. However they are also an excellent safety feature, perfect for lighting steps where it is easy to trip after dark. There are many reasons to install this type of lighting, but they are guaranteed to give your home an air of affluence. For more information check out our guide.

What type of brick and tile lighting are you looking for?

Do you want something that is friendly to the environment?

If you want to install extra garden lighting but are concerned about the effect on the planet then you need to have a look at something in our LED section. Alternatively, you may also want to have a look at our Low Energy range.

How about something cost effective?

Times are tough at the moment and everyone needs to be saving for a rainy day. If you are looking for something in our affordable range of tile and brick lights click here.

Something with an ultra-modern feel?

Brick & tile lighting naturally has a futuristic look to it. Some, though, look a bit more modern than others. Click here for our selection of the most contemporary in this range.

What is the right style for your garden?

Steel finish?

This will be the most modern and sleek looking finish. The steel finish is perfect for enhancing the state of the art image of new builds. To browse through our range of steel brick and tile lights click here.

Black finish?

This is clearly going to make a more discreet fitting. It will generally be less noticeable during the daytime, depending on where it is fitted of course. A black finish may be more suited to a traditional style of home.

Tile and brick lights are another great way of adding style and elegance by installing a few simple light fittings. This type of lighting can really bring the best out in your garden and give you another reason to show it off. It is always good to ponder what type of light fitting is right for your needs and style. At Lighting Direct we have something to suit everyone.

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