Batten Lights

Fluorescent lights are a robust and practical lighting option. Hardwearing and energy efficient so you know once they are up, they will be staying up for a good while. Many of our fluorescent lights come with an IP rating giving you the peace of mind you need. Click here for more information about fluorescent lights. A classic form of task lighting that is bound to be around for years to come.

Where do fluorescent tubes suit?

In the Garage?

This type of lighting is perfect for the garage. It is bright, clear and clean. An excellent and strong source of light just right for practical application in the garage.

For a workshop?

Our fluorescents are well suited to any working area. The light produced is great for intricate and detailed tasks. An even distribution of light will help you to avoid frustration when tackling a complicated project.

In a lock-up?

If you are a tradesman you may need to keep your tools and equipment under lock and key. Fluorescents are an excellent source of light when you need to find your gear in the morning.

It is not common to find Fluorescent lights in the living areas of the home, such as the lounge, dining and bedrooms. However at the end of the day it is your choice, find what works best for you and your home.

Tube sizes:

Every fluorescent tube comes with a T number, which is a reference to the tube's diameter. It refers to how many 1/8's of an inch the tubes diameter is. For example a T8 tube is 8/8 of an inch therefore it is one whole inch. This guide will be of use when you need to replace the tubes. Please note that different T numbers are not interchangeable, for example if you have a T8 fitting you need to buy a T8 tube.

Tube coding:

Every fluorescent tube comes with a three digit code. The first digit refers to the tubes colour rendering index score (CRI), while the second and third refer to the colour temperature in Kelvins. For example a tube with the code 927 will have a CRI score of 90% (9) and a colour temperature of 2700 kelvins (27).

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