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  1. LED Compatible Dimmer 1 x 120W - White - Single

  2. LED Compatible Dimmer 2 x 250W - White

  3. LED Compatible Dimmer 3 x 300W - White

  4. LED Compatible Dimmer 1 x 300W - Brushed Steel

  5. Decorative 2 Gang 13 Amp Outdoor Switched Socket - IP66

  6. Nexus Storm 2 Gang 13 Amp Switched Socket - IP66

  7. LED Compatible Dimmer 1 x 300W - Polished Chrome

  8. LED Compatible Dimmer 2 x 250W - Brushed Steel

  9. LED compatible Dimmer 2 x 250W - Polished Chrome

  10. Matt Black Screwless 13A 1G DP Switched Socket with Black Insert

  11. Brushed Chrome Screwless 10AX 1G 2-Way Toggle Switch

  12. 1 Gang Dry Lining Box - 35mm

  13. WiZ Connected WiFi Smart Light Remote Control

  14. 1 Gang Surface Pattress - 30mm

  15. Brushed Chrome Screwless 115V/230V Dual Voltage Shaver Socket

  16. Matt Black Screwless 2G 2-way 10-200W (5-150W LED) Trailing Edge Dimmer with Chrome knobs

  17. 2 Gang Surface Pattress - 35mm

  18. 2 Gang Dry Lining Box - 35mm

  19. White Telephone Slave Socket

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  20. White Telephone Master Socket

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  21. TRIAC RF LED Dimmer Compatible with MiBoxer TRI-C1 Push Button

  22. TRIAC LED Dimmer Switch Universal Size

  23. WiZ Connected WiFi Smart Plug

  24. Matt Black Screwless 13A 2 Gang Switched Socket

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Sockets and switches may not be the most interesting of lighting products but they are definitely an essential one. Without the humble switch there would be no way of turning on the light. Over recent years the variety of styles available has increased making it easier to find something perfectly suited to your home.

Renewing your sockets is also essential for electrical safety. If the fittings in your home are starting to look discoloured, cracked or just generally old it may be time to think about replacing them. However we must recommend that any maintenance or replacement be carried out by a qualified professional.

What sort of sockets and switches do you need?

Something to create the right mood?

If you are changing to dimmable lighting in a particular room you are going to need the right socket. Click here for our dimmable units.

Traditional white?

You may be looking to replace older sockets and switches like for like. If so you may want to start by looking through our white moulded range, the classic look.

Maybe a new look?

Redecorating in a contemporary design requires all the modern trimmings. If you are looking for fittings with a sharp and stylish look you need to click here for our flat plate black nickel range. However another modern alternative you may want to check out is the flat plate brushed steel selection.

Sockets and switches may not be the most fun lighting product to shop for, but updating your home with modern fittings can help to refresh its appearance. They will also help to improve your peace of mind in terms of the overall electrical safety. At Lighting Direct we have an impressive range of sockets and switches for all different types of homes.