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Ceiling Lights

Choosing the right ceiling lights for your home can be a tricky task. There are three main principles that will guide you through this process: Room size: The dimensions of a room will greatly affect your choice of lighting, Décor: you must choose light fittings that suit a room’s look and feel, and Functionality: what is the purpose of the room? The kitchen for example will need adequate lighting for handling sharp knives. Click here for a full guide to buying ceiling lights.

Room size guidance:

For square rooms:

Pendant lights running off a centralised fitting is a classic way to illuminate any standard size living, kitchen, bed or bathroom.

For long rooms:

You may want to consider track lighting to help distribute the light more evenly than a centralised position. As an alternative wire lights will do the same job, and also give you more range over how the beams are positioned.

For high ceilings:

If you are feeling extravagant you may want to have a look through our range of chandeliers. They are the perfect way to add elegance and warmth to a large room with a high ceiling.

For low ceilings:

A practical option is recessed downlighting. They offer excellent distribution of clear sharp light, and you won’t bump your head against any lampshades. Flush and semi-flush fittings also offer a safe and effective alternative.

Room Specific Guidance:

For the kitchen:

As with any room it’s essential to find lights that suit the décor. However the kitchen is a functional room, so you need light you can work under. Spot Lighting offers sharp focused light that is adjustable to suit purpose.

For the bathroom:

Obviously there are water safety issues to consider with lights below a specific height, so you need to take IP ratings and bathroom zones into consideration. However for the bathroom ceiling flush lights offer soft comforting light perfect for small rooms and low ceilings. For more information about which ceiling lights are right for the bathroom click here.

For the bedroom:

Soft relaxing light is key to creating a comforting space. A centralised pendant with a heavy shade may be a relevant option, leaving you free to add on any other lighting options you desire.

For the living room:

As with any room it is fundamentally important to consider the décor, and find lights that suit. The living room, though, is all about you, and what type of lighting you find comforting and relaxing? Remember it is probably the room you spend the most time in.

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