Saving Energy On Lighting – Six Top Tips

As we move towards autumn and energy prices remain high, we know customers are looking for ways to make savings on their utility bills. With that in mind, we thought we’d share our top six ways to save energy on lighting.


1. Save up to 90% electricity by making the switch to LED bulbs throughout your home. There are LED light bulbs available for the majority of light fixtures today, including decorative filament styles that enhance the look of your light fitting. Making savings and improving an already great light? Win-win.



2. Replace light fittings with those with integrated LEDs. With so many designers incorporating them into new LED lighting styles, and many styles having an expected life span of over 20 years, you’ll be saving energy for years to come, as well as getting a great look.



3. Pick solar powered garden lights which allow you to light up your garden without any power at all. Our range of solar garden lights is extensive, and even include security lighting.



4. Choose rechargeable battery powered lights – either for garden lights, or picture lights to save on buying expensive disposable batteries.



5. Find lights with sensors so they are only on when you need them. Look for passive infrared (PIR) sensors, motion detectors, and dusk to dawn sensors when you’re buying new lighting. Check out our security lights section to view all outdoor sensor lights.



6.  Make use of technology. Smart homes present opportunities to make savings on your energy usage. Smart bulbs, smart plugs, and smart speakers all connect to Wi-Fi networks and allow you to set up your lights to be on or off wherever you are through manufacturer apps. If you’re not a lover of smart technology, then look for plug-in timers that will help you reduce the amount of electricity your lights use.


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