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  1. 1W Warm White LED GLS Bulb - Bayonet Cap

  2. 1W Cool White LED GLS Bulb - Bayonet Cap

  3. Value 6.2W Warm White LED Decorative Filament GLS Bulb - Bayonet Cap

  4. 1W Warm White LED GLS Bulb - Bayonet Cap - Pack of 10

  5. 1W Cool White LED GLS Bulb - Bayonet Cap - Pack of 10

  6. 2W Warm White LED Decorative Filament Festoon Plastic Shatterproof GLS Bulb - Bayonet Cap

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We’re definitely of the opinion that there are few things that are more festive than string lights, and festoons are one of our favourite styles. Outdoors, strings of festoons are perfect for providing bright ambient light above outdoor seating, adding cheerful colour to patios during the summer, and Christmas cheer in December. You’ll find mains powered LED festoons, as well as solar powered styles that don’t need anything but a bit of sunshine to help them shine brightly.

Festoons are amazing in your garden and around the outside of your home, and festoons make a great addition to the inside of the home too. They’re especially great when you want lighting that you can plug in, without needing to make any electrical changes, and in children’s bedrooms for extra light that can stand in place of a night light.

Traditionally, festoons were expensive, due to the large amount of power they required to run, and the fact that the bulbs were made from glass, which meant breakages were common. Today, LED technology means they are far less expensive to run, and better manufacturing techniques mean that festoon bulbs are much less prone to breakage – but accidents will always happen, and eventually one or more bulbs may give up the ghost. Rather than needing to buy a new string of festoons, you can quickly and easily change the bulb – as with other types of lighting.

Our range of festoon bulbs has every type of bulb that you might want – including traditional shapes, warm white bulbs, clear glass bulbs with decorative filaments, and different coloured bulbs, to keep your festoons shining brightly. Where whole sets have been damaged, such as when the box has been dropped, we also have multipacks of festoon bulbs, so that you can restore your festoons to their former glory, without needing to replace the wiring unnecessarily.