LED Table Lamps

Think of table lamps and you automatically think of old fashioned shades and candle bulbs, but not so with our LED Table Lamps. Here online at Lighting Direct, we stock an excellent range of LED Table Lights that will fit into most contemporary settings. LED lighting is the way forward, as it's cheaper to run, uses less energy than standard or halogen bulbs and is also safer as it emits less heat.

LED lamps usually fit into modern decors or combine modern materials with traditional design. We have LED table lamps fit for your bedroom, hallway, living room and more. They are also incredibly useful to have around the home. For a look at some other types of table lamps click here.

Why should you buy yourself a new table lamp?

For reading?

If you are a book lover a little LED lamp will suit you down to the ground. They are compact and easy to position anywhere you require reading light.

For the kids to study under?

An extra source of light is just what the kids need to help them with their homework. A good study light can prevent eye strain and boost concentration.

For versatile practical lighting?

A new LED table lamp can be extremely useful to have kicking about the house. It can help you with many different jobs around your home, so it's always good to have one to hand.

For stylish accent lighting?

A high quality table lamp has loads of practical applications, but it is also a great way to add a new element of style to almost any room in the house. You can use them to add soft comforting light to a living or bedroom area.

LED table lamps are only a small investment but they can add so much to your home and they are useful in so many ways. For even more lighting inspiration when it comes to kitting out your home in LED's, why not take a look at our Lighting Ideas section?

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