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We need light bulbs throughout our homes and workplaces, but there are so many types of bulbs that many customers are confused by the huge number that are on offer. Our recommendation in most cases is to replace like with like, but that isn’t always possible, or desirable – and that is where the confusion can start! Luckily, we’re available to help with any questions, so you can be certain that you’re going to end up with the right type of light bulb for your needs, and our filters will help you to find the perfect bulb for all of your light fittings.

Choosing a light bulb starts with the type of cap that the fixture needs. Screw cap, and bayonet cap bulbs are the two most common types of bulbs – but there are others such as twist and lock (GU10), push-fit, fluorescent tubes, strip lights and spotlights. This is definitely easier to do when you replace like with like, so if you have the previous bulb, this will be easier.

Once you have established the type of bulb fixing you need, you can look at the shape of light bulb you want. A traditional GLS bulb shape was the traditional option, but today LEDs offer more flexibility, and so you’ll find everything from the tiniest capsule shape, to golf ball and globe bulbs

When you’re looking to set the atmosphere with a light bulb, you’ll find designs with decorative filaments, as well as different brightness and colour temperatures. If you need near-daylight levels of brightness, you’ll find cool white light bulbs, and where brightness is less desirable, warm white and coloured bulbs. And many LED bulbs are now smart bulbs that connect to Wi-Fi networks, allowing for brightness to be increased and dimmed, as well as the colour temperature changed, all through an app on a smartphone.

Our range of light bulbs doesn’t just encompass light fittings for the home – it also includes tube lights, light bulbs for kitchen appliances, heaters, and we can also supply bulbs for professional light fittings, such as PAR lamps.