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  1. Edit Traditional Lamp Post - Black

  2. Whitehall Solar LED Lamp Post - Black

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  3. Dandy Lamp Post

  4. Forum Coastal Bianca Height Adjustable Lamp Post - Black

  5. Sphere Lamp Post

  6. Lucide Aruba Lamp Post - Rust Brown

  7. Norlys Turin Grande Outdoor Lamp Post - Black

  8. Konstsmide Freja Lamp Post - Black

  9. Konstsmide Raw Lamp Post - Galvanised Steel

  10. Lutec Unite LED Lamp Post - Black

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  11. Faro Barcelona Plaza LED Lamp Post - Dark Grey

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  12. Searchlight Alex Lamp Post - Black

  13. Faro Barcelona Beret LED Lamp Post - Dark Grey

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  14. Konstsmide Parma Triple Lamp Post - Black and Stainless Steel

  15. Elstead Wexford Double Lamp Post - Black/Silver

  16. Norlys Chelsea Lamp Post - Polished Copper

  17. Norlys Firenze Triple Lamp Post - Black

  18. Elstead Wexford Lamp Post - Black/Silver

  19. Elstead Norfolk Triple Lamp Post - Black

  20. Feiss English Bridle Lamp Post - Black

  21. Suri Fawn Solar LED Lamp Post - Black

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Lamp posts offer a fabulous way of boosting the curb appeal of a home and can be an effective feature in a larger garden. You can use them at the entrance of your property or next to a long driveway to ensure it is sufficiently lit. They are effective in casting light over a pathway or large garden feature such as a rockery.

Pick a style

Traditional lamp posts are ideal for older homes or period properties and are almost invariably topped with a lantern design, whether singly or in twos or threes.

Contemporary lamp posts are more diverse in design and make an eye-catching, welcoming feature outside a modern abode. Some may be understated enough in style to suit an older home, too.

A question of height

Often when choosing a lamp post you'll be looking for a certain amount of height. You might want it to rise above a wall, for instance. Some of our lamp posts are height-adjustable with telescopic top columns. These will typically stand close to 3 metres tall when fully extended, whereas regular lampposts tend to be closer to 2 metres.

IP ratings

Coastal use

Generally, you'll want to choose polycarbonate/plastic or galvanised steel lamp posts for use in a coastal area. Copper is also a suitable metal, but less used in lamp posts. Other materials, such as die cast aluminium, offer good protection against inland weather, but their anti-corrosion guarantees are typically voided if the product is installed at a seaside property (within 4 miles of the sea).