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Lamps can work well as individual stand alone pieces or be co-ordinated with a beautiful decor.

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When you need a light that can be added to a space without needing to install a permanent fixture, lamps are often the simplest answer. Designers have created a huge range of different styles of lamps that can be used throughout the home, in different shapes, sizes, colours, and materials, which means that not only can you get the appropriate lighting that you need for the space, but you can also find styles that enhance the look and feel of the room too.

Lamps are great in many spaces in the home, and different styles can create a completely different atmosphere – so you might choose to have a number of lamps in a sitting room, for example. A floor lamp might provide additional ambient lighting, or for reading, while in another room, table lamps on end tables might provide just enough lighting to see snacks while watching TV. In bedrooms, small table lamps are perfect on bedside tables, and in hallways, a floor or table lamp can provide a welcome glow for anyone returning late in the evening, or in place of a nightlight for children that aren’t quite over their fear of the dark. And of course, in home offices, a desk isn’t complete without a great desk lamp – whether that is an Anglepoise style, a traditional banker’s lamp, or a more modern design.

Where there is a need to be able to switch lamps on easily – such as for people with mobility issues, or for bedside tables – touch lamps are a perfect option. Rather than being a purely practical option that is specifically for people with disabilities, these stylish lamps are designed with both form and function in mind. Rather than needing to fumble for a tiny switch, that is often difficult to access, touch lamps switch on with just a touch, which is much more convenient and perfect on bedside tables.

Whatever style of lamp you are looking for to add to your home, you’ll find the right type in our range.