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Lamps are one of the most enjoyable lighting products to shop for. They come in a wide spectrum of different shapes and sizes. These little lights serve lots of purposes at home and at work from the practical to the aesthetic. Some of them make useful night lights when your children are afraid of the dark. The humble lamp can also become an invaluable necessity when working or studying. In terms of interior design they can work well as individual stand alone pieces or be co-ordinated with a beautiful decor. Above all else they are great for chilling out and unwinding.

What kind of lamp are you searching for?

For the office?

Are you looking for a practical, precise and adjustable source of light for work or study. If so you may find what you are looking for in our desk lamp section. Some of these hardwearing lamps come with flexible necks for perfect positioning of light.

A unique lighting feature?

Are you looking for something that not only works well with a beautifully decorated room but also accentuates it as well? If you are searching for an outstanding lighting feature then why not have a look through our amazing range of table lamps.

Want some classic charm?

Floor lamps are one of the quickest ways to add poise and distinction to a room. If you are looking for something with tons of character then a standing floor lamp is the way to go.

Or maybe some vintage charm?

If you are a lover of antiquated beauty and character then vintage style should be your cup of tea. We take a look at the many applications for vintage lamps all around the home.

Something innovative?

What about a light that is unique and a little bit different? Arc floor lamps are the epitome of modernity and will make a contemporary living area much more intriguing.

What about upsidedown light?

If you want a different lighting effect for a particular room why not consider an uplighter floor lamp. The light is cast upwards to give a more atmospheric feel to the room. There are loads of other ways you can use lighting to set the mood in your home. Why not check out our mood lighting article to get some tips.

How about a beautiful matching set?

It's great when things are perfectly co-ordinated. If you are looking for a set of matching lamps click here.

Lamps come in many wonderful shapes and sizes, and work well in a variety of different settings. Take your time and enjoy choosing the right one that works perfectly in your home. Alternatively why not have a look at our guide to floor and table lamps in autumn colours.

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