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  1. Norlys Turin Pendant Porch Lantern - Black

  2. Kichler Halleron Outdoor Chandelier - Londonderry

  3. Elstead Mansion House Pendant Porch Lantern - Polished Nickel

  4. Hinkley Carson 5 Light Outdoor Chandelier - Vintage Iron

  5. Edit Vigo Pendant Porch Lantern - Matt Black

  6. Lucide Aruba Outdoor Pendant Lantern - Black

  7. Lucide Aruba Pendant Porch Lantern - Rust Brown

  8. Astro Calvi Pendant Porch Lantern - Black

  9. Astro Homefield Pendant Porch Lantern

  10. Elstead Hereford Semi-Flush Porch Lantern - Black

  11. Elstead Wexford Pendant Porch Lantern - Black

  12. Elstead Norfolk Pendant Porch Lantern - Black

  13. Astro Montparnasse Pendant Porch Lantern - Bronze

  14. Elstead Hereford Pendant Porch Lantern

  15. Astro Montparnasse Pendant Porch Lantern - Polished Nickel

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  16. Elstead Glenbeigh Pendant Porch Lantern - Black

  17. Elstead York Pendant Porch Lantern

  18. Astro Calvi 305 Pendant Porch Lantern - Black

  19. Astro Homefield 360 Pendant Porch Lantern - Textured Black

  20. Astro Harvard Pendant Porch Lantern - Textured Black

  21. Searchlight Genoa Pendant Porch Lantern

  22. Feiss Cotswold Lane Outdoor Porch Pendant Light - Black

  23. Curio 300 Round LED Outdoor Flush Ceiling Light IP65 - White

  24. Kichler Halleron 3 Light Ceiling Flush

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Outdoor lighting is important to consider for a number of reasons. From a style and aesthetic perspective, a lit home and porch looks much more welcoming than a dark one, which means you'll be even happier returning to your home, but that won’t be the only reason you’ll be considering putting an outdoor ceiling light into your porch. On a practical level, when you’re entering your home during the hours of darkness, an overhead light can help you to find your key – even when it is at the bottom of your bag – which means you can enter your home much more quickly and safely.


Of course, if you’re installing outdoor ceiling lighting for safety reasons, you probably don’t need the light to be on all night, and it isn’t ideal to be fumbling to find the light switch when it is dark. That’s where lights with passive infrared motion sensors (PIR) come into play – they detect movement, and when movement is detected, they trigger the light to come on, usually for around 45 seconds. The PIR sensor means that you’ll be able to see exactly what you’re doing, whether you’re heading in from the cold, or heading outside onto your patio on a summer’s evening with a cool drink.


Because of the practical nature of ceiling lights for porches, many styles of outdoor ceiling lights are sleek and simple, usually white and silver, either in square or round designs. Outdoor ceiling lights tend to be made from plastics and metals, since they are much more resistant to weather conditions, but there are a few styles that are made from wood, glass, and plaster, allowing for those designs to complement the ceiling they’re installed on.


There might be many simple outdoor ceiling lights, but if you’re looking for an outdoor ceiling light that makes more of a statement, then you can find plenty of designs that stand out in our range. We have lanterns in both traditional and modern styles, sets of LED spotlights, as well as intricate, colourful Tiffany designs and striking brass ceiling lights too.


Although the nature of how outdoor ceiling lights are installed means that they’re much less likely to get wet than outdoor wall lights, they are often still exposed to moisture, since they’re not quite inside either. With that in mind, it is a good idea to ensure that the outdoor ceiling light that you choose has a suitable safety rating, so that your light won’t be at risk if the place you install it is a little cold or damp through the winter months.