Copper / Brass Outdoor Wall Lights

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  1. Nordlux Canto Maxi Outdoor Up & Down Wall Light - Brass

  2. Nordlux Canto Warm White LED Outdoor Up & Down Wall Light - Brass

  3. Edit Coastal Board Outdoor Flush Wall Light - Brass

  4. Edit Coastal Cabin Half Lantern Outdoor Wall Light - Brass

  5. Astro Mast Outdoor Wall Light - Antique Brass

  6. Searchlight New Orleans Outdoor Hanging Lantern Wall Light

  7. Elstead St Martins Half Lantern Outdoor Wall Light - Brass

  8. David Hunt Strait Outdoor Wall Light - Antique Brass

  9. Searchlight Brunel Outdoor Oval Flush Wall Light - Brass

  10. Edit Coastal Mate Outdoor Flush Wall Light - Brass

  11. Edit Coastal Port Outdoor Flush Wall Light - Brass

  12. Edit Coastal Anchor Outdoor Wall Light - Brass

  13. Edit Coastal Sail Outdoor Up & Down Wall Light - Brass

  14. Nordlux Blokhus Copper Outdoor Wall Light

  15. Edit Coastal Bow Outdoor Flush Wall Light - Brass

  16. Astro Cabin Outdoor Wall Light - Antique Brass

  17. Traditional Half Lantern Outdoor Wall Light - Distressed Gold

  18. Searchlight New Orleans Outdoor Lantern Wall Light

  19. Searchlight Swinford Porch Lantern - Antique Brass

  20. Nordlux Scorpius Outdoor Wall Light - Copper

  21. Astro Pimlico 500 Outdoor Lantern Wall Light - Antique Brass

  22. Elstead Victoria Half Lantern Outdoor Wall Light - Brass

  23. Elstead Sheldon Outdoor Wall Light - Aged Brass

  24. Elstead Old Bailey Half Lantern Outdoor Wall Light - Aged Brass

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When choosing lighting for the exterior of the home, many of us are doing so with both safety in mind. Being able to enter our homes quickly during the hours of darkness, without risk of tripping and falling is important to all – but especially for those that have children, or elderly relatives that share the home. That means outdoor wall lighting is usually a must-have.  


While safety is important, so is style – and while there are simple, and perfectly functional safety lights, many of us prefer lighting that is much more attractive than a floodlight, or a bare bulb. First impressions count, and since the exterior of our home is the first thing that visitors see, choosing wall lights that look great, as well as doing the job is essential for most of us.


Copper and brass outdoor wall lights certainly meet the criteria for both functional and stylish, and there are plenty of different copper and brass outdoor wall light styles available to suit all types of homes, and around the exterior. Modern town houses, small apartments, and country cottages – there are styles to suit all, whatever the setting, be it on the front of the house, or in the garden.


For more classic homes, traditional brass, and antique copper wall lanterns are ideal – whether you’re looking for a Victorian inspired style, or a hanging wall lamp. Modern homes look great with up and down lights and modern shapes, and copper and brass wall lights bring a flash of warm colour to the exterior of homes, while nautical bulkhead styles quite literally offer the look of a safe haven.


Although outdoor wall lights are almost always installed with the safety of the residents and guests in mind, few homes need outdoor wall lighting to be on constantly throughout the hours of darkness. Timer switches are one way to ensure outdoor wall lights are switched off when they’re no longer needed, but many homes would prefer that outside lights come on when required. Outdoor wall lights with Passive Infrared (PIR) sensors are the solution, and when the sensor detects movement, the light will be triggered to switch on for a set amount of time – which is usually long enough to get inside comfortably. This doesn’t just save electricity; it is better for the local wildlife population too.


Homes that are situated within a few miles of the coast need to be aware of choosing outdoor wall lights that are corrosion-resistant due to the salt in the air, and copper and brass styles are generally suited to this purpose. However, it is well worth checking before purchase, to make sure the wall light that you choose will last for as long as you want it to.