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  1. Edit 15W 12V Submersible Colour Changing LED Surface Garden Spotlight IP68 - Steel

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Your pond is likely to be one of the features that you love about your garden – and so it makes sense you want to make sure that it looks great at all times of the day and night.

Even though it looks great, safety is probably one of the first things you’re considering when you’re looking at lighting up your garden pond. Adding lights to your pond are a great way to prevent anyone accidentally missing it and falling in during the hours of darkness – and it is much more than pride that could be hurt, so lighting it up from under water just makes sense. But you can’t just put any old lights into your pond, of course, and when lights are going to be under water, you’ll want to ensure that they are completely watertight, and designed to withstand the pressure of being under water constantly. Our range of pond lights are rated IP68 for this exact reason.

As with other types of lighting, you probably want your pond lighting to be flexible. You don’t want your pond lighting to be on during the day – wasting electricity is definitely not on our agendas. That’s why our range of pond lighting includes dusk to dawn sensors, as well multi coloured LED underwater spotlights – perfect for adding ambience to a party. You probably want to be able to control your pond lights without getting your hands wet too, which is why the majority of our underwater spotlights are supplied with a remote control.

With garden ponds in all different shapes and sizes, you might be looking for more than just one light, or you need more lights than are in our kits. With that in mind, our range includes all the compatible transformers and individual lights that you might need, so you can light up your pond to perfection, no matter what size or shape it is.