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  1. Edit Ordin Flush Ceiling Light - Chrome

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    Special Price £21.59 Regular Price £26.99
  2. Forum Vela 9 Light Chandelier - Polished Chrome

  3. Searchlight American Diner Flush Ceiling Light - Antique Brass

  4. Astro Denver Semi-Flush Ceiling Light

  5. Edit Rain Bathroom 3 Light Spotlight Plate - Chrome

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    Special Price £34.39 Regular Price £42.99
  6. Edit Evie Semi-Flush Glass Ceiling Light - White

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    Special Price £19.99 Regular Price £24.99
  7. Granso Bathroom Crystal Chandelier - Chrome

  8. Edit Liberty 4 Arm LED Flush Ceiling Light - Chrome

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    Special Price £111.20 Regular Price £139.00
  9. Granso Small Bathroom Crystal Chandelier - Chrome

  10. Moon 22 LED Flush Ceiling Light - Silver

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  11. Astro Mashiko Round Flush Ceiling Light - 230mm

  12. Lucide Brice 30W LED Flush Ceiling Light - Black

  13. Lucide Brice 8W LED Square Flush Ceiling Light - White

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    Special Price £26.00 Regular Price £64.99
  14. Lucide Sirene 2 Light LED Spotlight Plate - Polished Chrome

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    Special Price £62.29 Regular Price £88.99
  15. Lucide Sirene Single Spotlight - White

  16. Lucide Sirene 2 Light Spotlight Plate - White

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    Special Price £59.49 Regular Price £84.99
  17. Lucide Lennert 2 Light LED Spotlight Plate - Black

  18. Lucide Lennert 3 Light LED Spotlight Plate - Black

  19. Lucide Lennert 4 Light LED Spotlight Plate - Black

  20. Lucide Roxane LED Round Flush Ceiling Light - Anthracite

  21. Lucide Brice 8W LED Flush Ceiling Light - White

  22. Lucide Brice 15W LED Flush Ceiling Light - White

  23. Lucide Sirene 4 Light Spotlight Plate - White

  24. Forum Milan 3 Light LED Spotlight Plate - Chrome

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Great lighting is essential in your bathroom – you need to be able to clearly see what you’re doing, after all! Although many of us now have mirror lighting to provide the functional lighting we need for careful shaving and application of makeup, there are plenty of personal grooming tasks in the bath or shower that we rely on the ceiling light to be able to see.


Since bathroom ceiling lights are unavoidably exposed to moisture, it is important that fittings are long-lasting. Glass, plastic, and crystal lights are all perfect, as are stainless steel and other metals that have been treated with the right finish.  


Many of the bathroom ceiling lights in our range feature silver or brass effects, and either white or clear shades to allow the light to pass through. This complements most modern bathrooms, but if you’re looking to make more of a style statement, there are plenty of stylish bathroom ceiling lights that feature black and white, and even bronze or rust tones for a vintage effect. There are many different variations of ceiling lamps that sit flush, in round or square designs, but there are other, more ornate designs too, with multiple bulbs, LED rings and strips that make for a much more interesting bathroom ceiling.  


The technology for bathroom ceiling lights has come a long way since the basic bulb. Today, there is plenty of technology to make bathroom ceiling lights even better, starting with LED bulbs. LEDs are incredibly efficient, requiring little power to produce bright light – which is exactly what we need in our bathrooms.  


Although bright bathroom ceiling lights are sometimes the best option, if you’re settling in for a long, luxurious soak in the tub, then being able to turn the lights down as you light some candles is a small luxury that is well worth investing in. With LED bathroom ceiling lighting, this is a possibility, with over half our range that is dimmable, and in many cases, the colour of the lighting can be changed from cool tones to warm white lighting. Not only that, but you can listen to your favourite music or the latest episode of your favourite podcast as you’re relaxing, without risking your phone getting wet, since some options in our range includes Bluetooth connectivity.


Of course, when you’re installing electricity in your bathroom, you need to be certain that moisture isn’t going to be an issue, and that any fittings will withstand accidental splashes of water. With that in mind, be sure to filter your bathroom ceiling light search to include models that are rated IP44 or above – since any product with this rating will be splashproof. While we’re thinking about safety in bathrooms, it is a good idea to employ a trained electrician to complete the install of your bathroom ceiling lights, to avoid any potential problems occurring.