2022 Trends

When refreshing our homes, most of us want to create spaces that reflect our personalities, impress our guests, and feel modern for some time to come. Our buyers have carefully researched and selected 5 top trends for this year to bring a fresh feel to your home no matter your style. Simply click on your favourite trend, and find a stunning selection of lighting solutions to complement it.


For more ideas and inspiration:

Cottagecore & Country Living 

The ‘cottagecore’ trend emerged as a reaction to 2020 – the need to feel comforted at home, where it feels safe – is essential for our wellbeing. Vintage items look great with this trend, but the look can be elevated (and to feel deliberate, rather than thrown together) by using gold accessories.

Texture Play

Using different materials to create both visual and textural effect is being used in homes extensively – particularly where there is a lot of flat, empty space. Using combination of fabrics, materials and lighting layers creates depth and feels much more luxurious and warm. 

Statement Pieces

Rather than depending on colours to create design effects, many are choosing to invest in statement lighting that they really love as a way of creating visual interest, or to update a kitchen, dining room, office, bedroom or living room without needing to completely redecorate.

Oceanic Hues

Greens and blues can work wonderfully in almost every room in the home and can create a lovely, calming atmosphere. When choosing lighting to complement rooms featuring green and blue – whether influenced by traditional, or mid-century design styles – there is a wide range of lighting that works well.

Grey & Yellow

Elected by Pantone as colours of the year, `ultimate gray' and yellow `illuminating' were chosen as shades that encapsulate the feelings of hope and resilience we need through 2021. When lighting rooms with this colour combo, keeping it simple is often the way forward. Clear glass, white, silver, textured fabrics, and marble effects can all work well.