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Hallways look different in every type of home – from small, thin corridors, to spacious hallways that need their décor and styling to be considered in much the same way as other rooms in the home. Just because most of us spend less time in our hallways than other rooms doesn’t mean that the rules of interior lighting don’t apply – layering lighting in your hallway will help to create a homely atmosphere that feels welcoming.


Ceiling lights, pendants and wall lights are all ideal options for hallway lighting, but if you need a little more illumination, or simply want to add extra lighting for style, table lamps are ideal additions. This is especially the case where hallways incorporate larger pieces of furniture such as book cases, storage, and console tables. Where members of the household are expected home later into the evening, leaving a table lamp on in the entry hallway is ideal to allow them to see easily as they come in, lowering the chances of accidents, and setting the tone for them relaxing.


Although table lamps are often used as task lighting – such as in the case of desk lamps and bedside table lamps for reading – they are very often used as an accessory. Table lamps come in all colours, shapes, sizes, and styles, meaning that it is easy to find the type of table lamp that will really complement the décor, furniture, and other accessories in the space.


The style of the table lamp is important to get right first and foremost. Do you want a substantial base, a tripod style, or a simple lamp a thinner stem? Then, when you have decided on the style, you can start thinking about the colour, and the materials that you want your hallway table lamp to feature. Woods, metals, and acrylics are all popular options, but so are lamps that use mixed materials – such as a rattan base and fabric lampshade, or metal and plastics together. For table lamps that serve a more decorative purpose than functional lighting, there are wonderful sculptural table lamps that are almost works of art.


When you’ve found the style of hallway table lamp that you love, you’ll also need to think about the colour of the bulb(s), and the brightness. You might be able to change the look with a warm white bulb, but a different effect can be found with RGBW bulbs, which allow you to change the colour of the bulb entirely (usually using an app on your phone). Table lamps that use these style bulbs, or that feature LEDs may also be dimmable, allowing you to use the table lamp to light up your hallway through the night, at a lower brightness – ideal for children, or family members that are up frequently in the small hours.