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If you want to seriously toughen up the look and feel of a room, black accessories are often the way to go. The industrial look, and Scandinavian interior designers have shown us the aesthetic appeal of harder, darker accessories – and nowhere is that more true than with interior lighting. Black spotlights definitely make a style statement, and they are great ways to provide functional lighting that casts light exactly where you need it.


The ability to angle spotlights exactly as you need them means that lighting fixtures with multiple spotlights can be used really effectively in functional spaces. Working in kitchens, home offices, and even garages is much easier with ceiling spotlights in place – and the black of the fitting may help to effectively hide any specks of dirt in those rooms!


Multiple spotlight fixtures aren’t the only options for spotlights though. Single spotlights can be used really effectively to highlight artwork, or to highlight architectural features, and they can be mounted on the ceiling, or on the wall above whatever feature is to be lit. Single spotlights can be used in all rooms in the home, and slimline black spotlights look sleek and stylish wherever they are used.


It is often assumed that the style of black spotlights are all pretty similar – but the reality is pretty different. The shades and surrounds on black ceiling spotlights range from super simple, cylindrical shapes, through to movie-inspired, modern shapes, and industrial-looking mesh and cage designs. That’s before we start to look at the different materials that are used! Painted metal and acrylics are to be expected, but woods, rattan, and fabrics all feature – meaning that with the different styles and materials, there are some really interesting designs and textures to be found.


Although many black spotlights are simply black throughout the fixture, there are many styles that feature additional colours for contrast. Black and gold are a favourite combination with lighting designers, and on fixtures that feature woods, there are different effects to be found depending on the wood finish – lighter woods are great in Scandi style homes, while darker woods with black metals may suit more rustic homes.  


As with other types of lighting, LEDs feature heavily with black spotlights, which makes sense, since spotlights need to be bright, and LEDs produce a lot of light with very little electricity required. The use of LEDs makes sense, since it affords further flexibility with the spotlights, especially with the warmth of the light. In those functional rooms we mentioned, daylight and cool white bulbs make more sense, while in rooms where relaxing is taking place, warm white, or other lighting colours may be desirable. With some models, the light colour, and the brightness of the spotlight can be altered, and can even connect to virtual assistants like Alexa, Google Home and Apple HomeKit, so you can control the spotlight to perform exactly as you want it to.