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Friday 13th

What is contemporary lighting?

Author: Sarah Wigmore
Published: February 13, 2014

Contemporary lighting covers all fittings that reflect the style and character of the modern age. The current zeitgeist seems to suggest that lights with a sleek, sharp or unique style, with a slight emphasis on the minimal, fit well into the contemporary category.

With so many thousands of lights to choose from, we thought we’d showcase some of the most striking, in an effort to help you choose something fantastic. So let's take a look at some fittings that capture the spirit of the modern age, or alternatively check out our full range of contemporary lighting.

Modern elegance

Top contemporary lighting image 1

Strikingly modern

When it comes to modern style there is usually a sense of embracing new and creative ideas, for example the Dillon Glass Table Lamp - Purple is incredibly eye catching but with a sophisticated and elegant shape. This juxtaposition creates an image that will help you to push the boundaries of your interior design scheme.

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Maximum style

At the current time there seems to be a big emphasis on an impeccable smooth metallic finish. If you think this type of style would suit your home then the Osaka Floor Lamp could be for you. The power of this lamp's style is in its simplicity you can put it in almost any room in the house and it will look perfect. It's so easy to picture this lamp in a modern open plan apartment.

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Shape can also play a big part in signifying whether or not a fitting should be considered as contemporary lighting. Take the Ripasso Pendant Fitting White it has a simple yet elegantly curvy body. This fitting would be perfect for a kitchen, positioned over a breakfast bar or dining table. It just goes to show that understated uniqueness is a big part of modern lighting.

Top contemporary lighting image 4

A bit of sparkle

Sometimes it's not just the appearance of the fitting but also how it distributes the light that gives it a modern feel. The Pluto Semi Flush Fitting has a mirrored back plate and faceted glass droplets to reflect the light around the room in many different directions. This will work well in smaller rooms with lower ceilings creating a wonderfully glamorous wow factor.

Top contemporary lighting image 5

On the wire

The way in which a fitting is mounted can also make a big difference to its style. Wire lighting is a form of spotlighting with the fittings mounted on parallel wires to give it a contemporary feel. The Searchlight Scope Wire System is a great example of this type of lighting. The individual spot units also have a basic metal frame design for added modernity. This Scope System would look perfect in an industrial style art gallery.

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Completely contemporary

With some fittings it's not one feature that makes them standout as contemporary lighting, it's everything. The Harmony Wall Light oozes modernity all over. Its flat square tiered shape is strikingly unique. The light is distributed from the side of the tiers and with its simple design it definitely captures the spirit of the times.

Top contemporary lighting image 7

An outside glow

The Assisi Led Planter is simply a plant pot that glows, and why not. This light is all about the feeling and effect that it brings to your garden. You could use these LED planters in so many different ways outdoors. Imagine lining your garden path with them to give your guests a very contemporary welcome to your home.

Feel free to take a look at our full range of contemporary lighting.

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