Animal Lights

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  1. Luxia Luna The Labrador Table Lamp - Matt Black

  2. Luxia Luna The Labrador Table Lamp - Antique Gold

  3. Luxia Konnie The Koala Table Lamp - Silver

  4. Luxia Koko The Kitten Table Lamp - Antique Gold

  5. Luxia Pepper The Pug Table Lamp - Antique Gold

  6. Luxia Gracey Dachshund Table Lamp - Gold

  7. Luxia Marcel Monkey Table Lamp - Gold

  8. Lucide Extravaganza Chimp Ceiling Pendant Light - Black & Gold

  9. Lucide Extravaganza Chimp Wall Light - Gold

  10. Luxia Theo Toucan Table Lamp - Gold

  11. Luxia Kayla The Kangaroo Table Lamp - Gold

  12. Luxia Sonny The Sloth Table Lamp - Silver

  13. Dar Raul Monkey Wall Light - Gold

  14. Dar Zira Table Lamp - Gold with Black Shade

  15. Lucide Extravaganza Chimp Floor Lamp - Black

  16. Luxia Wiley Table Lamp - Matt Black

  17. Luxia Gracey Dachshund Table Lamp - Matt Black

  18. Luxia Pepper The Pug Table Lamp - Matt Black

  19. Lucide Extravaganza Miss Tall Floor Lamp - Matt Gold

  20. Luxia Theo Toucan Table Lamp - Silver

  21. Luxia Sonny Sloth Table Lamp - Gold

  22. Luxia Frances Table Lamp - Gold

  23. Lucide Extravaganza Gust Monkey Table Lamp - Black & Gold

  24. Lucide Extravaganza Miss Tall Table Lamp - Matt Gold

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You have found our collection of Paw-sitively Pur-fect lighting. Choose your favourite to add a character to your home.

Animal lights can add a fun and quirky look to your home and our range of wild and exotic designs will do just that. You can create an eye-catching focal point on a bookcase, shelf, or bedside, or brighten up the darkest corner, add warmth to a cosy reading snug or a fun character to man the home bar!

Our range of animal lights are on trend and are the perfect accessory to add personal style to any space. Go wild with our Extravaganza Chimp Wall Light and the co-ordinating Ceiling Pendant, our Sloth and Toucan table lamps will feel right at home sitting amongst the house plants, and you can't miss the Miss Tall Giraffe Floor Lamp. Adding an exotic safari style to your home with an adventurous vibe.

For the pet lovers out there why not spread the puppy love with our range of cute Pug, Dachshund and Labrador puppy table lamps, or the adorable Koko the Kitten in beautiful antique gold or matt black finishes, bringing light and love into your home. Animal lighting will transform the mood, ambience and character of any room and is a must have for fellow animal lovers whether wild or tame, so why not explore our range.