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  7. Edit Nirvana Rattan Floor Lamp - Black and Natural

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  10. Edit Monah 2 Light Floor Lamp - Black

  11. Edit Ronax Rattan Floor Lamp - Natural

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  13. Edit Marady Floor Lamp - Natural

  14. Edit Haakon Floor Lamp - White & Wood

  15. Edit Chulu Rattan Floor Lamp - Green

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  17. Edit Beyawo Floor Lamp - Natural

  18. Edit Haikou Floor Lamp - Natural

  19. Edit Rubra Bamboo Floor Lamp - Natural

  20. Edit Kithnos Floor Lamp - Black & White

  21. Edit Huela Rattan Floor Lamp - Black

  22. Edit Winding LED Floor Lamp - Silver

  23. Edit Kirito Rattan Floor Lamp - Black

  24. Edit Silinda Floor Lamp - White

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Living rooms typically serve as the multifunctional centre of any home. People often use living rooms to relax and gather with family or friends. We’re often watching television, reading, playing board games, having a chat, entertaining guests, and often even eating meals. Depending on the household, some people may also use their living room for activities such as doing yoga, home-schooling children, or crafting. Since it is a relatively large space and is generally close to the kitchen and other parts of a home, the living room can be utilized for a variety of purposes in order to suit every individual's needs.

Having only a single ceiling light may not always be the best fit when it comes to living room activities, as different kinds of tasks require different levels of brightness. Designers and lighting experts recommend having a range of lighting in rooms throughout the home, especially living rooms, since they allow you to get the right amount of brightness for each activity. Lighting sources for living rooms should include ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting, so that you can see clearly for whatever you’re doing, and so aspects of your space are perfectly highlighted and look great. 

Why add a floor lamp to the living room?

Lamps can provide all types of lighting – ambient, task, and accent lighting. They can add just the right amount of gentle brightness of lighting to create an optimal living room atmosphere, or they can add extra lighting above chairs and sofas. This is perfect if you’re often multitasking, such as doing crafts such as sewing or knitting while you’re watching the latest Netflix special. 

Floor lamps can also serve as a piece of décor – as an accent to help tie elements together in the room. You might be working an accent colour, or simply need a piece of furniture to feature at a certain height, which is where a floor lamp can serve perfectly. 

Additionally, floor lamps are incredibly easy ways to install extra lighting, and once you’ve chosen the perfect one from our range, you simply need to plug it in. That makes a floor lamp ideal in homes such as rentals, where you can’t make changes, or if you’re planning to change your living room décor in the future. 

There are so many reasons to add floor lamps to your living room, and whatever your particular reason, browse our range of high quality, stylish floor lamps. 

What styles of floor lamps are good for living rooms?

The floor lamp that is right for you depends on your taste in interior design, and your existing space. Living rooms that have decor style from traditional, to modern styles such as Scandi style, industrial, or minimalist can make use of floor lamps. Traditional standard lamps are an obvious choice for traditional living rooms, while industrial style lamps with cage designs for shades, and exposed bulbs make a style statement. 

Colour and texture are both important considerations too, as varying shades and textures can help create an atmosphere of softness or toughness. For example, a metal and wood floor lamp can look great when offset with softer furnishings, while a floor lamp with a soft, feathery shade and some soft blankets can provide both visual (and actual) softness to a space that looks a bit too tough. 

A good floor lamp in the right style or recent trend will complement your living room decor will offer just enough contrast to your space. If you are looking for flexibility in how you’re going to use your light source, floor lamps with arms that can be angled, or styles with dimmer switches may be the right choice. Ultimately, choosing the right lamp depends on how you’re going to use it, and what your existing décor looks like – there isn’t a single correct answer. 

What materials should floor lamps be made from? 

Floor lamps are a great way to add both ambiance and task lighting to any room. When it comes to floor lamp bases, there is no shortage in style or materials. Solid woods like oak, mahogany and acacia offer character while metal bases - such as chrome, gold, brass and copper - draw attention with their gleaming finishes. Chrome provides a cool metallic tone while gold, brass and copper bring a warm touch. Whichever material you choose, floor lamp bases will help you make a statement in your décor.

Floor lamps are a great way to add a touch of style and light to any room. And floor lamp shades can be an important part of the whole look. Materials may range from hard materials like wood, metal, and acrylic for a more open, bright look or fabric options like silk, cotton, and velvet for some cosy texture. Depending on the material chosen, floor lamp shades can fit with virtually any style or colour scheme of decor. From modern to boho chic or classic to farmhouse style, floor lamps used with the appropriate shade will add a special something to just about any room.

What bulb is best for living room lamps?

For living room lamps, warmer white bulbs are the ideal choice for creating a relaxing atmosphere. They radiate a soft glow that is easier on the eyes and more conducive to relaxation than bright white or daylight bulbs. 

LED bulbs are the usual choice today, since they also provide a great value for money. They’re inexpensive to purchase, but they require low energy, and last for up to 10 years before needing to be replaced. But costs are just one reason to choose LED. LED bulbs have emerged as a great option to reduce our carbon footprint and make better use of energy resources. LED bulbs are much more eco-friendly than regular light bulbs due to their inherent properties. LED bulbs do not contain mercury, and can be recycled easier. Fewer materials are used in their construction, meaning that less waste is produced. Additionally, LED bulbs last longer than conventional light bulbs, providing even more sustainability benefits by reducing the total amount of resources consumed during its lifespan. LED bulbs are an excellent choice for people who want to do their part in protecting the planet.

LEDs have revolutionized the lighting industry over recent years, and one of the newest applications is their integration into stylish, designer floor lamps. By using LEDs in their designs, on-trend and sophisticated floor lamps can be produced, with many of them controllable via an app. It's now easier than ever for homeowners to personalize their interior with the perfect lamp that suits their aesthetic and light requirements. LEDs shouldn't be underestimated; these tiny bulbs are becoming an integral part of home décor.

How bright should floor lamps be? 

When it comes to colour temperature, finding the perfect balance of warmth and brightness in a living room can be a difficult task. While warm white tones are usually the best option for relaxation and comfort, it's always best to go for adjustable light bulbs so you can control how bright or dim you want the lamps in your living room. With adjustable smart bulbs you'll be able to set the perfect ambience – whether you're reading, watching TV or just chilling out – and get back that cosy feeling.

Can I control the brightness of a living room lamp? 

LED smart bulbs are a great addition to living rooms as they open up many possibilities for customization, both in terms of brightness and colour temperature. By having the ability to adjust these two features for the lamp, living rooms can be better tailored for either relaxation or activity. For example, if you're winding down with a movie you can dim the bulb to create a more soothing atmosphere, while if you're getting creative like knitting or embroidering you can increase the brightness and choose near-daylight lighting levels. 

In addition to that, you can even check on your living room lamp from anywhere – there’s no need to get up from bed and check if you remembered to turn the light off! This means LED smart bulbs are not just aesthetically pleasing but also very practical for your living room lamp. 

Smart bulbs are amazing, especially if you find it difficult to reach the switch for your light source. With smart bulbs, all you have to do is grab your phone and with a push of a button you can turn them on or off. This is especially helpful if you, or a member of your household, have mobility issues as there's no need to worry about reaching in awkward places or bending down – smart bulbs make your life that much easier.

Where should floor lamps be situated in the living room?

When planning where to position a floor lamp in your living room, it is important to consider what purpose it will serve. If it is for task lighting for reading or for close-up work, you’re likely to want it next to an easy chair, or by the sofa – and maybe you’ll have a table, for your book, a drink, or your crafting supplies. 

If the floor lamp is for adding extra lighting in your living room, positioning the lamp in a darker corner may be best for providing the illumination you need. Whichever type of light you are using and wherever you choose to place it, floor lamps add a wonderful dimension to any space. 

Our final thoughts

Making your house feel like a home is all about creating the right lighting. Our impressive range of floor lamps for your living room makes it easy to do just that! Whether you're looking for an up-lighter, Anglepoise, traditional wooden floor lamp, arc floor lamp or even an ultra-contemporary tripod style, we have something to suit every décor. Our lamps are designed not only to create mood lighting but also perfect for reading or relaxing over an armchair – whatever you need. With our vast collection of floor lamps, it is easy to add a bold and creative touch to any room. So, take your pick and get ready for the perfect mood light today!