Modern Table Lamps

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Table lamps are a fantastic accessory for the home, whether they’re being used as functional task lighting on a desk, or to add to the ambient lighting in a room, supporting ceiling and wall lights. As you may already know, designers and lighting experts suggest layering lighting in a room, so you can create the exact levels of lighting that you want or need – and table lamps are perfect to facilitate this.


Contemporary table lamps can be found in rooms throughout the home, in living rooms, dining rooms, conservatories and hallways, to add ambience to the room. Table lamps are also frequently used on desks – usually with adjustable necks, so the light can be angled precisely where you need it, and as reading lamps, either on bedside tables or by cosy armchairs.  


There is a huge range of table lamp styles that are suitable for all kinds of spaces. Traditional style table lamps – those with a base, stem, and a lamp shade – have been rethought, incorporating much more modern materials and shapes. You’ll also find mini spotlights, smaller versions of larger lighting styles such as tripods and arc lamps, as well as futuristic designs, modern elegance, and decorative styles that can almost be considered a work of art, or an ornament in themselves.


As with other forms of lighting for the home, modern and contemporary table lamps are available in a wide range of materials, and colours. Metals including aluminium, brass, and stainless steel all feature heavily, as do glass, ceramics, plaster, and stone, as well as fabric lamp shades. You’ll find modern table lamps to suit all colour schemes too, including neutral shades that suit all rooms – such as silver, black and white, through to multicoloured styles that stand alone.


LED lights and bulbs provide high levels of lighting incredibly efficiently, and with much more flexibility than was possible previously. There are LED table lamps that allow you to change the lighting temperature, the colour and the brightness of the light using a remote control or on an app – inbuilt dimmer switches are no longer required.


Lighting designers know how important being able to use our technology is to us – which is why there are some incredible styles of table lamps that feature USB chargers, and even wireless in the base. Many of these styles are designed as desk lamps, but there are plenty of decorative, and minimalist styles that are starting to become available that incorporate this technology too.


Mains power isn’t the only option when it comes to table lights either. Battery powered options, and USB rechargeable options mean that you can bring stylish table lamps with you anywhere in the home – even where there is a lack of power outlets, such as in summer houses.