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  1. Edit Piano Tripod Floor Lamp

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  2. Edit Rise Plaster Uplighter Floor Lamp - White

  3. Edit Luxy LED Colour Changing Floor Lamp - Black

  4. Edit Monah 2 Light Floor Lamp - White and Wood

  5. Edit Tinos Floor Lamp - Golden

  6. Edit Bioskop Tripod Floor Lamp - Wood

  7. Edit Nirvana Rattan Floor Lamp - Black and Natural

  8. Edit Whirlwind 2 Light Floor Lamp - Camel

  9. Edit Baracoa Rattan Floor Lamp - White

  10. Edit Monah 2 Light Floor Lamp - Black

  11. Edit Ronax Rattan Floor Lamp - Natural

  12. Edit Bijie Rattan Floor Lamp - Natural

  13. Edit Marady Floor Lamp - Natural

  14. Edit Haakon Floor Lamp - White & Wood

  15. Edit Chulu Rattan Floor Lamp - Green

  16. Edit Bedourie Floor Lamp - Black

  17. Edit Beyawo Floor Lamp - Natural

  18. Edit Haikou Floor Lamp - Natural

  19. Edit Rubra Bamboo Floor Lamp - Natural

  20. Edit Boes Floor Tripod Lamp - Black & Wood

  21. Edit Kithnos Floor Lamp - Black & White

  22. Edit Huela Rattan Floor Lamp - Black

  23. Edit Winding LED Floor Lamp - Silver

  24. Edit Kirito Rattan Floor Lamp - Black

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Designer floor lamps and standard lamps can be a stylish and functional addition to any home, offering both ambient and task lighting options. With a wide range of styles and designs available in our range, from contemporary to traditional and everything in between, so you’ll find a designer lamp to complement any décor style. In this post, we’ll explore the benefits of using designer floor lamps and standard lamps in your home, compare the differences between the two types of lamps, and give you tips on how to choose the perfect lamp for your space. We’ll also introduce you to some of the top designer lamp brands, including Edit, Iluzzia, Lucide, and Markslojd, all available at Lighting Direct.

What are the benefits of using a floor lamp in the home?

A floor lamp is a versatile and functional lighting fixture that can be used to enhance the ambiance and décor of any room. Some of the reasons to use a floor lamp in the home include:

  • Versatile Lighting: Floor lamps can be used in several different ways. They can be used for ambient lighting, to add to the general lighting in the room; as task lighting, such as next to a reading chair; or they can be used as an accent piece, to simply make the room look great. They will create a warm and inviting atmosphere, and can highlight specific areas or features in a room.
  • Space-Saving: Unlike table lamps or other lighting fixtures, floor lamps don’t take up valuable table or ceiling space. That means they can be placed in corners, behind furniture, or wherever there’s a small spot available on the floor, making them an efficient use of space.
  • Statement Piece: A designer floor lamp can make a bold statement in a room and become a focal point. With a range of styles, designs, and materials available in our range, you can choose a floor lamp that complements your décor and expresses your personal style.
  • Adjustability: Many floor lamps have adjustable features, such as adjustable heights or swivel arms, allowing you to direct light exactly where you need it. You can also consider adding a smart bulb, so that you can easily set the perfect levels of lighting by changing the colour and brightness to what you need. 
  • No commitment: Because floor lamps don’t require complicated installation, they are great for people that are living in a rented home, and for people who like to change their décor regularly. Most floor lamps simply plug in, and switch on – super easy. 

Overall, a floor lamp can be a versatile and functional addition to any home. With their ability to provide a range of lighting options, space-saving design, and statement-making style, a floor lamp can enhance the overall look and feel of a room while providing much-needed illumination.

What is a designer floor lamp?

A designer floor lamp is a lighting fixture that’s not just functional, but are akin to an eye-catching piece of art. Designed by some of the world’s best designers, these floor lamps are crafted with high-quality materials and attention to detail, resulting in a beautiful and unique lighting fixture that can enhance the décor of any home.

Designer floor lamps can come in a range of styles and designs, from the sleek and modern, to the ornate and traditional. They can be made of a variety of materials, such as wood, metal, glass, or even unconventional materials like fabric or paper.

What sets designer floor lamps apart from other lighting fixtures is their emphasis on the design, and the craftsmanship involved. These lamps are often created with a specific aesthetic in mind, often inspired by art or architecture, and are made with the highest quality materials and manufacturing techniques.

Using a designer floor lamp in your home is going to elevate the overall look and feel of whichever room you add it to. So, whether you want to create a dramatic statement piece, or a refined, subtle accent, a designer floor lamp can provide the lighting you need, while adding extra style and sophistication to your décor.

What bulbs are best for designer floor lamps? 

The type of bulb you choose for your designer floor lamp can have a significant impact on the overall look and feel of your room. LED bulbs, in particular, have become increasingly popular in recent years, thanks to their energy efficiency, long lifespan, and range of colour temperatures. Here’s a quick roundup of what you need to know about using LED bulbs for designer floor lamps:

  • Energy Efficiency: LED bulbs use significantly less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs, which means they can help you save money on your energy bills in the long run, and they’re less of a drain on the environment.
  • Long Lifespan: LED bulbs can last up to 25 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs, which means you’ll have to replace them less frequently. Apart from saving you a job, that means there are fewer resources required to make the bulbs – which again, is better for the planet. 
  • Colour Temperature: LED bulbs are available in a range of colour temperatures, from warm white to cool white, which can have a significant impact on how your room feels. Warm white bulbs create a cosy and inviting atmosphere, while cool white bulbs can create a brighter and more energetic environment.
  • Dimming Capabilities: Many LED bulbs are dimmable, which means you can adjust the brightness of your designer floor lamp to perfectly suit your needs. This feature is particularly useful in multifunction rooms, where you might need bright white light for doing hobbies or crafts, and then need a warmer, or lower light for relaxing. 

When choosing an LED bulb for your designer floor lamp, make sure you choose one that’s suitable for your lamp’s socket type and wattage requirements. Additionally, consider the colour temperature and dimming capabilities of the bulb to ensure you get the right lighting for your needs.

Many designer floor lamps have LED bulbs integrated into their designs. That’s because LED bulbs are so small, and the small size means that designers can create more intricate shapes and styles in their lighting. Because LEDs last such a long time, there’s no need to be concerned about the lamp failing, or needing to be replaced any time soon – in most cases, designer floor lamps with integrated LEDs are able to keep lighting up homes for many years to come. 

Are smart bulbs a good choice for designer floor lamps?

Smart bulbs are an increasingly popular option for designer floor lamps, since they offer a range of features and benefits that can enhance the functionality and style of your lighting fixtures. Here’s what you need to know about smart bulbs for designer floor lamps:

  • Remote Control: Smart bulbs can be controlled using a smartphone app or voice commands, which means you can turn your lamp on and off or adjust the brightness without needing to leave your seat – even from another room in your home. 
  • Customisation: Many smart bulbs offer a range of customisation options, allowing you to adjust the colour temperature or create custom lighting scenes to suit your needs.
  • Integration: Some smart bulbs can integrate with other smart home devices, such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home, allowing you to control your lamp using your voice, or to create other automation features.
  • Energy Efficiency: Smart bulbs can be programmed to turn off automatically when not in use, which can help you save money on your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

When choosing a smart bulb for your designer floor lamp, make sure to choose one that’s compatible with your lamp’s socket type and wattage requirements. Additionally, consider the features and customisation options available to ensure you get the right lighting for your needs.

What décor styles do designer floor lamps suit?

Designer floor lamps come in a variety of styles and designs, which means they can complement a range of different décor styles. Some of the décor styles that designer floor lamps in our range can work in include: 

  • Modern: Designer floor lamps with clean lines, minimalist designs, and metallic finishes can enhance a modern décor style. These lamps can complement contemporary furniture and accents, creating a cohesive and stylish look.
  • Traditional: Designer floor lamps with ornate detailing, classic shapes, and warm finishes can add elegance and sophistication to a traditional décor style. These lamps can complement antique furniture and accents, creating a timeless and refined look.
  • Industrial: Designer floor lamps with raw, unfinished materials, and exposed metal can add an edgy, industrial feel to a room. These lamps can complement concrete or brick walls and metal furniture, creating a contemporary, urban look.
  • Scandinavian: Designer floor lamps with simple, minimalist designs, and natural materials like wood or paper can complement a Scandinavian décor style. These lamps can add warmth and texture to a room while keeping a clean and uncluttered aesthetic.
  • Art Deco: Designer floor lamps with bold shapes, geometric patterns, and metallic finishes can really enhance an Art Deco décor style. These lamps can complement velvet or silk fabrics and mirrored accents, creating a glamorous and luxurious look.

What different types of designer floor lamps and designer standard lamps are available?

When it comes to floor lamps, there are several different types available, each with its own unique features and benefits. One popular type of floor lamp is the standard lamp, also known as a floor-standing lamp or torchiere lamp. Most of us will have seen these types of lamps, since they have a small base, with a long stem, and the light at the top, which often has a shade. This allows the light to be directed upwards to create an ambient glow. Other types of floor lamps that designers are creating at the moment include:

  • Arc Lamps: Arc lamps, also known as arch floor lamps, have a curved arm that extends out from the lamp’s base, allowing the light to be directed over a specific area. Arc lamps are great for task lighting, such as reading or working, and are a great alternative to installing pendant lighting above a table or desk.
  • Tripod Lamps: Tripod lamps have a three-legged base that supports the lamp, providing stability and style. These lamps can have a range of styles, from vintage to contemporary, and can act as a focal point in the décor in a room.
  • Tower Lamps: Tower lamps, also known as column floor lamps, have a tall, narrow design that can add height and drama to a room. These lamps can have a range of styles, from classic to modern, and often have integrated LEDs that mean they can be a great way to create a statement piece in your home.

How to choose the right designer floor lamp for your home

Choosing the right designer floor lamp can be an exciting and fun way to add a stylish and functional lighting fixture to your home. Here are some tips on how to choose the right designer floor lamp for your home:

  • Consider Your Room’s Style: Your designer floor lamp should complement the décor style of the room. Take into account the colours, textures, and materials in your room when choosing your lamp. If your room has a modern feel, a sleek and minimalist lamp might be a good fit, while a more traditional lamp might work better in a more classic space.
  • Determine Your Lighting Needs: Think about the type of lighting you need in your room. If you need a lamp for reading or working, a floor lamp with an adjustable arm and directional light is likely to be handy. If you need your lamp to provide more ambient lighting, consider a lamp with a diffused shade that creates a warm and inviting glow.
  • Choose the Right Size: Consider the size of your room when choosing your floor lamp. A large lamp in a small space can overpower the room, while a small lamp in a large space might not provide enough light. Make sure to measure the space where you plan to put your lamp and choose a size that’s appropriate.
  • Quality Matters: A designer floor lamp should be made with high-quality materials and craftsmanship. Make sure to choose a lamp that’s built to last, with a sturdy base and a shade made from premium material.

Which designer brands are best for my home?

When it comes to designer floor lamps, there are many brands to choose from, each with its own unique style and aesthetic. Here are some of the best designer brands for your home, available from Lighting Direct:

  • Edit: Edit is a contemporary brand that focuses on creating unique and innovative lighting designs. Floor lamps in this range feature modern materials like concrete and metal, as well as eye-catching shapes and patterns. Edit floor lamps are ideal for industrial or minimalist décor styles.
  • Iluzzia: Iluzzia is a luxury lighting brand that creates high-quality and elegant lighting fixtures. The floor lamps from Iluzzia feature beautiful finishes, such as brushed gold and chrome, as well as intricate designs and details. Iluzzia floor lamps are perfect for adding glamour and sophistication to your home.
  • Lucide: Lucide is a Belgian lighting brand that combines functionality and style to create beautiful and practical lighting solutions. Their floor lamps feature sleek and simple designs, with a focus on quality materials and craftsmanship. Lucide floor lamps are perfect for bringing modern or Scandinavian style to your home.
  • Markslojd: Markslojd is a Swedish lighting brand that creates beautiful and timeless lighting fixtures. Their floor lamps feature a range of styles, from classic and traditional to modern and industrial. This range is perfect if elegance and sophistication is the aim for your home.

Each of these designer brands offers a unique style and aesthetic that can enhance the look and feel of your home, and we have many more designers to consider. You’re sure to find the perfect designer floor lamp for your home from these top brands, available at Lighting Direct.

Our final thoughts

Designer floor lamps and standard lamps are an excellent way to add style and functionality to your home lighting. Whether you’re looking for ambient lighting, task lighting, or a combination of both, there’s a designer lamp out there to suit your needs. By considering the type of lamp, bulb, and style that works best for your space, you can create a beautiful and functional lighting solution that enhances the look and feel of your home. At Lighting Direct, we offer a wide range of designer lamps from top brands like Edit, Iluzzia, Lucide, and Markslojd, with hundreds of options to suit any décor style and budget. Plus, with our Change Your Mind Guarantee, you can shop with confidence, knowing that you can request a refund or exchange up to 30 days after delivery. Start browsing our range of designer floor lamps and standard lamps today to find the perfect lighting solution for your home.