Lucide Outdoor Lighting

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  1. Lucide Livia Outdoor Wall Light - Black

  2. Lucide Spike LED Garden Spotlight - Black

  3. Lucide Dudley Round Outdoor Flush Wall Light - Black

  4. Lucide Biltin Square Outdoor Deck Light - Black

  5. Lucide Biltin Round Outdoor Deck Light - Black

  6. Lucide Zaro Outdoor Wall Light - Black

  7. Lucide Zaro Outdoor Wall Light - White

  8. Lucide Zaro Outdoor Up & Down Wall Light - Black

  9. Lucide Zaro Outdoor Up & Down Wall Light - White

  10. Lucide Zaro Curved Outdoor Wall Light - White

  11. Lucide Zaro Curved Outdoor Up & Down Wall Light - Black

  12. Lucide Zaro Curved Outdoor Up & Down Wall Light - White

  13. Lucide Lewis Outdoor Wall Light - Matt Gold

  14. Lucide Lewis Outdoor Wall Light - Black

  15. Lucide Dudley Oval Outdoor Flush Wall Light - Black

  16. Lucide Cadix Outdoor Tall Pedestal Light - Black

  17. Lucide Cadix Outdoor Pedestal Light - Black

  18. Lucide Cadix Outdoor Hanging Lantern Wall Light - Black

  19. Lucide Claire Mini Half Lantern Outdoor Twin Wall Light - Anthracite

  20. Lucide Arne LED Outdoor Wall Light with PIR Sensor - Black

  21. Lucide Arne LED Outdoor Up & Down Wall Light with PIR Sensor - Black

  22. Lucide Arne LED Outdoor Post Light - Black

  23. Lucide Arne Adjustable 2 Light LED Outdoor Post Light - Satin Chrome

  24. Lucide Nigel 4 Light LED Spotlight Plate - White

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Lucide’s stylish range of outdoor lighting helps you to make the most of your garden during the evening. This stylish brand from Belgium has become popular world-wide for its innovative, functional designs and competitive pricing, and Lighting Direct are proud to be the exclusive distributors here in the UK. Lucide’s products are mostly contemporary, but you’ll find more traditional lantern-style items for the period-style home, too.

It’s really worth taking the time to consider the lighting outside your home, especially if your garden is an additional entertaining space; some well-chosen lights can really create the right atmosphere. Flush wall lights or flood lights are great for adding a constant source of light when you’re outside, either for doing jobs around the garden or entertaining, plus they will give you peace of mind if you have any concerns over security. Opting for a model that uses integrated LEDs is a sensible option, as not only will it save you money on your energy bills over time, but when you’re finished with the light bulb (which coincidentally, won’t be for a while!) it can be easily recycled. All in all, they’re a great idea for anyone who is conscious of their carbon footprint. Many lights come with motion sensors called PIRs, which means the light will only be used as and when this is activated. Not only will this help alert you to visitors on your property, but it also means that you can rest assured your lights will only be on when they’re really needed.

Adding a decorative wall light or two to the front of your home is the perfect way to make it feel welcoming and warm. And as an added bonus, you’ll no longer have to scrabble around in the dark for your keys late at night! Just another great option to consider from Lucide – and we have huge selection for you to choose from