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Industrial lighting began life in factories, studios, and warehouses, and were designed to provide as much light as possible for workers to be able to do their jobs. While in the past, the emphasis was purely on the practical, today industrial lighting has evolved into a huge category of lights that encompasses lamps, lanterns, and pendants, floor lighting and wall lights – with all the designs within the category inspired by historic places of work. Cage designs, wiring and exposed bulbs are all design features you can expect to see with industrial wall lights.


Just as with traditional and modern wall lights, there are no limits to the rooms in the home that can benefit from industrial wall lights. Utilitarian rooms such as kitchens can be complemented by industrial wall lights, Scandinavian style bedrooms look great with industrial wall lights, and rooms with nautical features, such as bathrooms look great with gold or brass chains or rope styles (just be sure to check the safety rating, and use a qualified electrician to install!). The reality is, that there are no limits to where industrial wall lights look great. In rooms that feel a little too twee or sweet, industrial style lighting and accessories can provide balance and to toughen the look up a little, or in rooms such as home offices, industrial wall lights can provide the hint of workplace that you might need.


Industrial wall lighting is a versatile option, and can be used effectively in a number of ways. If the room has lower levels of daylight, then industrial wall lighting can increase the ambient lighting. Industrial lighting can be used to highlight an architectural feature, artwork, or a piece of furniture, or it can be used as task lighting, and can make a great addition to a corner with an armchair for reading, in a snug, or by the bedside, in place of bedside table lamps.


When you’re choosing industrial wall lights, you’ll be certain to find what you’re looking for in our range. With a range of colours including silver and chrome, black, white, and gold, (as well as a few pastel shades) and materials that include wood, metal and plastic, our collection of industrial wall lights is extensive.  


As with all lighting, industrial wall lights today benefit from dramatically improved technology. LED wall lights offer long life, without needing to change the bulbs, but also controllable brightness and warmth of the light, with many models now controlled by apps on smartphones.