Industrial Table Lamps

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Industrial styling is characterised by simple décor, usually stripped back to basics, and utilises materials like metals, woods, and concrete – the types of materials that used to be used in factories and warehouses. While you can use industrial style for rooms and sections of your home, using accessories that are inspired by the industrial look has become popular with interior designers. That’s because of the way that it can really toughen up the feel of a room – balancing out sweet pastel tones, for example. Industrial table lamps and industrial desk lamps fit the bill perfectly, providing both functional light and contributing to the overall look of the room.


Industrial table lamps and desk lamps are available in a wide range of materials. Many industrial table lamps are made from metals – with older, antique industrial inspired designs in brass, bronze and rust, and more modern industrial table lamps in gold, chrome, zinc and black. Woods in both dark and light finishes often feature, as well as concrete, and occasionally fabrics – industrial table lamp shades tend to be in functional shades, such as grey. You’ll find styles that are inspired by traditional spotlights, some evocative of manual tools such as clamps, styles with tripod legs and more.


The number of designs that are available means that there are industrial table lamps that can be used in almost every room in the home – even in bedrooms and living rooms. They’re a great way to add to ambient lighting levels, or to act as task lighting, such as on bedside tables for reading. Although industrial table lamps, and industrial desk lamps are often in functional, darker colours that would have traditionally been chosen because they wouldn’t show the dirt, there are styles that can be found in brighter colours.


Reds, yellows, and blues are often found on the classic, iconic Anglepoise style desk lamps, traditionally found on desks and workrooms across the world, because they allow for the light to be positioned perfectly for whatever task is taking place. Other styles of industrial desk lamps incorporate stands that are inspired by pipework, and shades in unexpected shades.


LEDs feature in some industrial table lamps and industrial desk lamps, but functional lighting designs often mean that bulbs are exposed for effect. Where this is the case, we recommend LED bulbs with decorative filaments are used – they look fantastic in industrial table lamps, and since many of these bulbs can be dimmed, or the light temperature changed using an app on your phone, you can get the best lighting for the purpose. We’re seeing more USB chargers built into the design of table lamps in general, and these are gradually making it into industrial table lamps and desk lamps too.