White Pendant Lights

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  1. Edit Serena Ceiling Pendant Light - White

  2. Lucide Gipsy Plaster Ceiling Pendant Light - White

  3. Lucide Goosy Soft Ceiling Pendant Light - White

  4. Edit Rondure Ceiling Pendant Light - 500mm White and Gold

  5. Lucide Gipsy Cone Plaster Ceiling Pendant Light - White

  6. Edit Orb 8 Arm Ceiling Pendant Light - Black & White

  7. Dar Gaucho Ceiling Pendant Light - White

  8. Edit Tube Ceiling Pendant Light - White

  9. Edit Mist Ceiling Pendant Light - White

  10. Edit Spider 7 Arm Ceiling Pendant Light - White

  11. Edit Classic 5 Light Chandelier - White

  12. Lucide Talowe Halo LED Ceiling Pendant Light - White

  13. Astro Zeppo 400 Ceiling Pendant Light - White

  14. Mapa 30 Glass Ceiling Pendant Light - White

  15. Cloud 80W LED Ceiling Pendant Light - White

  16. Edit Geri 3 Light Cluster Ceiling Pendant - White

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Pendant lights are lights that are exactly as they sound – light fixtures that are suspended from the ceiling, as a pendant would be. They’re often used as an alternative to flush, semi flush ceiling lights, or chandeliers, and styles range from the simple to the ornate. This means that whatever style of interior décor your home has, you’ll be able to find a white pendant light to suit – from vintage and rustic styles, through to modern LED pendants, and sculptural styles with incredible textures that can almost act as a piece of art hanging from the ceiling.


Pendant lights are an incredibly popular style of light, and the beautiful simplicity of white pendant lights means they’re a great choice for many rooms in the home. They’re great in minimalist dining rooms, above kitchen islands, in sitting rooms, and even outside and in the bathroom, as long as you choose a model with the right safety rating. And while white pendant lights are perfect as the main ceiling lighting, smaller styles can also be used individually, to replace desk or task lighting – small, single pendants are fantastic as alternative to a bedside lamp in smaller bedrooms.


Although white pendant lights might appear simple at first glance, there is actually a lot of choice. You’ll need to decide whether you’re looking for an all-white pendant light, or whether you’re happy to incorporate other colours, such as metals in brass, silver, or copper, and different woods. When you’ve decided that, then you’ll need to decide between matte, and high gloss finishes, and the materials that you want your white pendant light to be made from. In addition to metals and woods, you’ll find white pendant lighting made from textiles, stone, glass, plaster, and glass, as well as plastics. All these considerations are before we even get to looking at the shape of the pendant and how many bulbs are in the pendant light, the shape, and the style of the pendant, and if the pendant has a light shade, what shape that should be.


To be able to dim a pendant light is often considered a necessity, particularly in rooms where the ambience needs to be changed to suit the mood, such as the dining room. Many styles are dimmable, particularly in LED styles that have an app to control them – and many of these can change the colour temperature of the white light, as well as the colour of the light altogether, to create a completely different feel in the room.


With so many materials, shapes, sizes, arrangements, and other colours that can be incorporated into white pendant lighting, as you browse our range we’re sure you’ll agree – white pendant lighting is anything but a boring option.