Modern Pendant Lighting

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With lighting being essential to our modern lives, it makes sense that there are so many options for lighting our homes. Pendant lighting has been a feature in homes for many years, and designers today are creating beautiful contemporary pendant lights to suit all tastes and décor styles.


With so many different styles of contemporary pendant lights available, the only real stipulation for installing a pendant light from the ceiling in the centre of the room is that there is sufficient room to walk underneath the pendant. Risking injury for interior design is definitely not fashionable! If there is plenty of clearance space in the room, then whether you’re lighting the dining room, living room, kitchen or bedroom, there are modern pendant lights to suit.


Pendant lights can be used in other ways than simply replacing the ceiling light. Bar pendants are a great alternative to traditional ceiling lighting in dining rooms, while smaller pendants can be used over desks and kitchen islands, in place of bedside lighting and even in bathrooms, assuming enough clearance and with proper safety ratings. In taller spaces with high ceilings, such as foyer areas, grouped, cascading and chandelier styles can effectively fill and style the space, creating warmth and interest while adding the necessary illumination.


With so many different styles, it makes sense that modern pendant lighting is available in a range of materials and colours. Glass pendants are popular, and expose the bulbs, there are metal pendants in a range of colours and finishes, wood, and even concrete options too. And it isn’t just single lights – there are LED pendants in contemporary styles, including linear pendants that look great hanging along the length of a dining table, circular ring styles and industrial styles that are simply gorgeous.


As you’d expect, modern lighting comes with a range of technology solutions to improve on traditional lights. We’ve been able to control the brightness of our lights for a number of years using dimmer switches, but today’s lights are more advanced. LED technology means that many styles can be controlled with an app on a smartphone, and can change not only the brightness, but also the colour of the light – meaning that whatever activity is happening in the room, the lighting levels can be set according to the required mood.


When choosing a contemporary pendant light from our range that features exposed bulbs, be sure to order long-lasting LED bulbs from our range too.