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When you’re considering any kind of lighting, but most especially pendant lights, or hanging lights for your home, there are so many reasons to consider LED pendants and LED hanging lights, regardless of the shape, size, or style that you’re looking at. A great place to start is the increased efficiency that LED bulbs provide. They require much lower levels of power to create equivalent lighting levels, which means that you will see a reduction on your energy bills. Not only that, but because LEDs have a far longer lifespan than traditional incandescent bulbs, you won’t have to change them as often.


In addition to the increased efficiency and benefit to the environment, LED technology is preferred by many people for their home today due to the flexibility and control over lighting levels that it affords them. A growing number of LED pendant lights allow you to change both the colour and the brightness of the light, giving you control over the ambience in the room – from super bright white lights, through to moodier reds and blues.


This flexibility is why many customers prefer LED pendant lights to other types of lighting in key locations, such as above the dining table or kitchen islands. If this level of control over your lighting is appealing, search by ‘dimmable’, or look for LED pendants that have remote controls – some can connect to an app on your phone too. If you want even more flexibility, some LED pendant lights are height adjustable, and have a rise and fall mechanism, which allows you to control the height that the light hangs at.


There is a huge range of different shapes, sizes, materials, and colours when it comes to LED pendant lights, to suit all styles of interior décor. Simple bar pendants are ideal for hanging along the length of tables and desks in kitchens, concrete pendant lamps are ideal in industrial styled rooms, and in modern rooms, LED hanging lights can incorporate multiple rings, multiple pendants for effect, and wave shapes. It isn’t just tougher, modern looks though – there are traditional style hanging lights such as rustic chandeliers, and traditional style lights with fabric shades that feature LEDs too.


Pendant lights are often hung as an alternative to ceiling lighting, but depending on the size and the style, pendants can function as task lighting or as the general light fitting in the room. Where LED pendant lights are hung above furniture such as desks and tables, they should be between 80 cm and 1 metre above the surface to ensure there is sufficient clearance.