Glass Pendant Lights

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  1. Edit Tavern Glass Ceiling Pendant Light - Chrome

  2. Edit Scope Glass Ceiling Pendant Light - Smoked

  3. Lucide Maloto 30 Glass Ceiling Pendant Light - Green

  4. Lucide Dilenko LED Glass Ceiling Pendant Light - Matt Gold, Brass

  5. Lucide Sentubal 5 Light LED Glass Cluster Ceiling Pendant - Black

  6. Lucide Elysee Glass Ceiling Pendant Light - Opal

  7. Edit Fisherman Ceiling Pendant Light - Satin Nickel

  8. Edit Factory Glass Ceiling Pendant Light - Antique Brass

  9. Lucide Singala 3 Light Glass Cluster Ceiling Pendant - Matt Gold, Brass

  10. Lucide Trevor Glass Ceiling Pendant Light - Opal

  11. Lucide Trevor Large Glass Ceiling Pendant Light - Opal

  12. Flut Ceiling Pendant Light - White

  13. Lucide Vixi LED Glass Ceiling Pendant Light - Smoked Grey

  14. Lucide Julius Glass Ceiling Pendant Light - Smokey Grey

  15. Lucide Gunhild Glass 3 Light Cluster Ceiling Pendant - Gold

  16. Lucide Eloise 4 Light Glass Bar Ceiling Pendant - Black

  17. Lucide Maloto 20 Glass Ceiling Pendant Light - Green

  18. Lucide Eloise 7 Light Glass Bar Ceiling Pendant - Black

  19. Lucide Zino Glass Ceiling Pendant Light - Satin Black

  20. Lucide Eloise 3 Light Glass Cluster Ceiling Pendant - Black

  21. Edit Scope Glass Ceiling Pendant Light - Clear

  22. Lucide Monsaraz 3 Light Glass Cluster Ceiling Pendant - Green

  23. Lucide Alara 6 Arm LED Glass Ceiling Pendant Light - Gold

  24. Edit Egg Glass Ceiling Pendant Light - Smoked

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When decorating your home, you likely know that it isn’t just about the colours or the furniture you choose; you need the perfect finishing touches too. Lighting is an important element of interior design, and glass pendant lighting can be a perfect accessory for every room in the home, including kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms.


The great thing about glass pendant lighting is the number of ways that they can be used, and the different styles of décor that they can be used with. Whether your home is decorated in Scandi style, traditional farmhouse style, or even industrial chic, there are glass pendant lights to suit your space.


Ceiling lights are great, but pendant lights offer a lot more flexibility, and come in a range of sizes and styles. Simple single pendant styles are often the first type that customers think of, but there are cluster and cascade styles, bar pendants that incorporate a number of bulbs, and even intricate chandelier styles. Choosing the type that is right for the room isn’t where the choices end either, since although the light shade is made from glass, other materials feature too, including metals such as gold, silver and copper, woods, and plastics like acrylic. Not only do you have a lot of options when it comes to the style and the format that you want, but you can choose exactly the right height you need, in the place you want to use them to complement your home best.


Where there are high ceilings, chandeliers and styles that incorporate multiple bulbs at different levels can fill the space effectively, while in spaces such as bedrooms and home offices where lighting is necessary but surface space may be at a premium, a hanging glass light can provide an alternative to traditional task lights such as table and desk lamps. By using pendant lighting, the required light is available, without cluttering surfaces.


Pendant lights are frequently used in home offices, kitchens and dining rooms, and bar pendants, or pendants with multiple bulbs look great hanging above desks and dining tables.


For further flexibility, many pendant lights are dimmable, to create that all-important dinner party ambience or to provide lower levels of lighting when relaxing or getting ready for bed. The majority of our range of glass pendant lights are dimmable, either using the remote control provided, or through an app on your smartphone.


With clear glass pendants and lighting, light bulbs are often exposed. That means that although they’ll work with almost any bulb that fits, from an aesthetic point of view, decorative bulbs are nearly always preferred. In some cases, LED bulbs will be included as part of the fixture, but where this is not the case, our range of LED bulbs is certain to have the style that you’re looking for.