Classic Chandeliers

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If you’re looking to increase the opulent, indulgent feel of your home, then a classic chandelier, or one in an antique style is certain to make your list of lighting styles to consider. Classic chandeliers can be used in rooms throughout the home, although they are most commonly found in rooms with high ceilings. Sitting rooms and lounges, dining rooms, bedrooms and hallways can all benefit from the drama that a classic, or antique chandelier can bring.


Although we all have an idea of what a classic chandelier looks like, there are a surprising number of variations and styles to be found. There are ornate crystal-adorned styles that reflect the light, decorative Florentine, and arabesque styles, through to stark medieval styles that feature darker woods and chains – really upping the drama and moodiness of the room.


Metals feature heavily in classic and antique chandeliers, particularly brass and gold tones, as well as bronze and silver, and you can choose from chandeliers in metals that are finished with paint. Black chandeliers can create a moody atmosphere, while white chandeliers have a much more ethereal effect. Colours aren’t the only choice to make either, and there are matte finishes, and high shine finishes to choose from. Aside from the metal frames, there are other materials to consider too. Fabrics, particularly luxurious ones like silk, are often used for shades on classic chandeliers, as are glass and acrylics.


Classic chandeliers are often thought of as grand light fixtures, and while it is definitely the case that there are many larger styles – some featuring as many as 32 bulbs – there are much smaller styles that feature as few as three bulbs. These smaller styles are perfect for smaller homes, and mean that with the right décor, all homes can feel like a castle.


No matter the size of the chandelier that you choose for your home, the right bulbs are essential to make sure the effect isn’t wasted. Traditionally, classic chandeliers would feature candles – sometimes dozens of them – to provide enough light. Today, that isn’t practical or desirable in most homes, but we still want the look, and for most of us, we want our chandelier to look like there are actual candles. That’s where decorative LED bulbs come in – and you can find both candle, and flame shaped bulbs, in opaque satin finishes, and in clear glass finishes that show the filament. The benefit of using LED bulbs is that they last a lot longer than traditional bulbs once did – and so you won’t have to get the stepladder out to replace the bulbs nearly as often.