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Wall spot lights are a dynamic and interesting way to light any home. Spots give out a strong light, which you can focus. Although they are great for large rooms, there is no reason why you can't use them in smaller ones as well. They also offer a degree of flexibility that lets you sculpt the lighting to suit your taste. You can focus the light on your favourite areas or features of a room, which in turn takes the attention away from less desirable areas. They also give you the versatility to change the lighting effect to complement any change to the room's layout or decor.

Application ideas for wall spot lights?

Complementary lighting for the living room:

Spot lights can be a very effective secondary source of lighting for a living room. They generally work particularly well with a central pendant that produces soft and comfortable lighting by itself. Wall spot lights can then be added to complement the main light source and provide extra practical light.

Feature lighting for dining rooms:

For great food presentation a central fitting over the dining table is perfect. You can then add wall spots to highlight beautiful interior features, such as ornaments, paintings and fireplaces.

Practical office/kitchen lighting:

Wall spot lights are an excellent source of strong focused light, great for working under, whether you're in your office at home or busy preparing food in the kitchen. You can also change the angle of the lights as desired, giving you true flexibility for your working requirements.

Subtle fittings with sharp light for the hallway:

Wall Spots are a great way to throw light in different directions down your hallway. This will create charming and characteristic lighting for this most underappreciated of spaces.

The above are only a few ideas to get you thinking about where you can apply wall spot lights in your home. Remember when choosing a fitting to consider what type of lighting is right for the size and decor of the room.