Rustic Wall Lights

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In interior design, the rustic, country cottage inspired style has always been a classic that designers have returned to year after year. Recently, the ‘cottagecore’ trend has catapulted the look back to the mainstream once again recently, and demand for lighting to suit the look has increased. Luckily, designers have no shortage of inspiration to pull from, and that means that there are an incredible number of styles available within our range, and that there are rustic wall lights to suit every home, and for every room throughout the home.


The most rustic wall lights verge upon industrial in their raw simplicity, and are of the styles that you might expect to find in a log cabin. At the other end of the scale, there are pretty wall light styles that incorporate floral elements, and those with dainty ceramic lamp shades that you’d expect to find in a chocolate box cottage in the heart of the English countryside. Rustic wall lights can add to ambient lighting levels in sitting rooms and dining rooms, and can be a great alternative to ceiling lights in hallways, and in rooms where the ceiling is low. You can even find styles for the bathroom and kitchen, as long as you choose styles with a suitable safety rating.


There are rustic wall lights in traditional materials that you’d expect – metals in black, white, brass, bronze and rust finishes, different shades of woods, textiles, concrete and glass. The range of colours is impressive too, and there are all shades of colours and multicoloured designs too. The material and colour isn’t where the choices end either – you’ll need to decide whether you prefer


Although you’re searching for a rustic look, you probably don’t want to deal with the issues that older lighting has. With LED lights, and LED bulbs, you won’t encounter expensive electricity bills – LEDs are super-efficient, and require only small amounts of power to be able to provide high levels of light. If you’re searching for a light fitting where the bulb is exposed, you’ll likely want a bulb with a decorative filament, or maybe a decorative shape – such as where your rustic wall light has a candle effect.


The other advantage of LEDs is that many of them are dimmable, or can change the colour, or temperature of the light – which is perfect in rooms that are used for relaxing.


Whether you’re looking for a rustic uplight, a downlight, spotlights, a sconce, or a wall lantern style, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in our extensive range.